social scene at Bentley University?

I toured Bentley a few months ago and I really like it. The academics and opportunities that they offer (in business) for me, set it apart from the other schools I’m looking at. However, I’ve heard mixed review about the party/social scene. I would want to join a frat at Bentley. How much drinking/smoking/partying goes on during the weekdays and the weekends. Also is there a night club or bar scene surrounding campus. Any input is much appreciated!

Hoping you get some responses soon - does not seem to promising for the social scene if no comments yet, we were wondering the same!

Hey, current freshman at Bentley here. The social scene here is totally evident here. Cannot go into too much detail on a public site but I promise you it’s all there :wink: . Bentley is a work hard, play hard school so when huge exams or common exams are taking place, the whole school is quiet but when its over, expect a big scene.

Thank you that is good to hear - although I am a parent I would like my kid(s) to enjoy the social side to college as well!

My daughter is a freshman and goes out every weekend. Mostly parties but they make it fun and interesting by having all kinds of themes. She hasn’t ventured out in to Boston except maybe once a month or so. Has gone to Celtics game with group and concert at a small venue. Also been to a few Hockey games. My daughters friends have come to visit from bigger universities and were surprrised how good the social scene was and how many people my daughter knows!

I also should add that even though its a party, I prefer her be with college age kids at school rather than like her friend that Baltimore bars with fake IDS are the scene, now thats scary!

My son is a freshman and absolutely loves Bentley. He’s found plenty to do, particularly since joining a fraternity. He’s gone into Boston several times with friends although it’s been sports stuff (Red Sox game, Celtics game) and walking around Quincy Market and Harvard Square rather than going to bars. (Boston bars are pretty strict with ID’s.) There are parties on weekends although during the week I think he’s pretty busy with the academics. Work hard during the week and play hard on the weekends.

Hey, current freshman at Bentley. Although I am a girl and am in a sorority, I know a lot of guys in frats and can speak for the social scene of that too! Bentley is always fun, and while, yes, it is known for its academics, it is also known for the party life! I swear by calling it a “mullet school” - business in the front, party in the back! First semester will be soooo fun because it’ll be full of open frat parties from Thursday-Saturday, and on the occasional night that there aren’t frat parties, there will always be a sports team throwing down or if you have a good group of friends its fun to stay in the dorms and play drinking games too! The one thing I will say - if you’re a guy, you will a need a ratio of at least 2 girls to 1 guy (usually 3-1 though) to get into most frat parties, but once you join a frat second semester you won’t have to worry about that. Hope this helps!

I was recently accepted as a transfer student to Bentley for fall 2020 from the University of Tampa. From everything I’ve read, it seems Bentley has greater opportunities and is rated very well. My only big concern is that if I transfer as a junior it would be very difficult to meet people since that usually happens freshman year. Any thoughts on this?