Social Security Number Arizona State University (ASU)

I had a question regarding submitting Social Security to ASU. I am applying with Common App. How safe is it to give ASU my social security number? Will this information be deleted after a certain period of time?

If you have a social - it will be stolen/lost/misplaced.

by ASU - no idea. By your employer, mortgage company, bank, benefits company, who knows.

I always verify who is asking - even to call to make sure it’s right. In general, sharing an SS # is not good although sometimes it’s necessary.

Just assume it will be lost - maybe not in this instance - but somehow.

I get letters every month saying some of my personal info was stolen (not always SS#) and we’re paying for you to monitor.

If you are not applying for financial aid (of any type) you do not have to provide it. You may be asked to otherwise prove you are a US citizen (show a passport, provide a birth certificate).

The school will not remove it from your record. They can only use it for financial reasons, not as a student ID number, as an insurance number, etc.

If the school’s system gets hacked, the SSNs will get hacked. That happens to every business. i just got a notice that a state data base was hacked and mine and my kids’ SSNs were part of the data stolen.

If your student used his SSN on his SAT/ACT tests, the schools sometimes use that info to match up scores. My kids didn’t use their SSNs and it was more difficult to match up (but not impossible)

Common App requires it in the ASU form.

Social Security Number
We ask this for federal reporting purposes to the U.S. Department of Education and for IRS tax reporting purposes.*

I’m still very hesitant in giving my social security, and I’d rather not apply to prevent it from being leaked. Thanks for the valuable input.

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Call the school and ask - they might be ok with a 999-99-9999, especially if no need based aid or work study etc is involved.

Honesty, some of these responses are mighty pessimistic. The reality is many thousand of students will be applying to Az colleges and, if need be, will be providing this information. As noted, the schools can’t give it out.

Even if you don’t give your SS, you will be giving your name, birthdate, address, etc. and these things also can be used in identify theft situations if that is what you are concerned about.

My opinion is…be optimistic. If this is a college you desire to attend, do what they ask.

Information is hacked all the time. And it’s not just SS numbers.

I agree with you.

My opinion…give the school what they ask for.