Some Safety "A tagged" Colleges for Nepalese

<p>Hi Guys,</p>

<p>I realized that most of you are shooting for Ivy league or Top LAC. But there are some colleges that you might have missed. I'd like to say that there is a little more than rankings that determines the worth of a school. It's like a popularity contest--rankings are, for the most part, peer assessments among other professors and can sometimes turn into a popularity contest. And just like student-body elections at high school, some colleges are ranked higher than others simply because of their reputation and not necessarily how well they are teaching their students. And as such an unfair way of determining a college's value could never be accurate, the rankings should be taken with a grain of salt. </p>

<p>These schools are worth considering
Brigham Young University, Utah
Arizona State Univeristy, Arizona
University of Arizona
Rollins College
Rose Hulman Institute of Technology
CalPoly-San LuisObispo,California
University of Massachusetts, Amherst
University of Utah</p>

<p>A Glimpse of BYU where I go to :</p>

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<p>BYU</a> is America's most popular school, again | Deseret News</p>

<p>BYU</a> ranks 11th in eyes of recruiters, says The Wall Street Journal</p>

<p>BYU</a> law and business schools among top in country, says U.S. News</p>

<p>BYU</a> again in the Top 10 for grads that get Ph.D.s</p>

<p>Financial aid is important for us to consider colleges. </p>

<p>Of the colleges you mentioned, I know of only two - BYU and Rollins. Rollins in particular does not provide need-based aid to international students. It only provides merit-based aid. Not worth applying. It costs much to apply to BYU since you have to send the transcripts and get validation from WES. I didn't apply because of that particular reason.</p>

<p>You got to read the Honor code for BYU. It would certainly suit you if you can give up tea and coffee because they are beverages!</p>

<p>do these institutions provide generous financial aid to internationals?</p>