son (ME) has no schedule - worry?

<p>My son is an incoming freshman in engineering (ME). On his portal, he does not have a class schedule, but he also has no items on his to-do list. The class section on his portal says the university is working on his schedule. Does this sound odd? He will attend SOAR on Aug 17. Thanks</p>

<p>^^ Hi, ParentalUnit! I wouldn't worry about it at this point. Did he click on Grades? If my daughter clicks on Class Schedule it says she's not enrolled and it's blank. But for some reason they come up when she hits Grades. Also, her schedule was just recently posted. A lot of kids had theirs before her. Her SOAR date is August 10, so it might have to do with that. Hang in there! They will be up before you know it!</p>

<p>I totally agree with 2leashes. It seems they worked on schedules somewhat in order of SOAR dates. Also, my son's still only shows his schedule when I click grades or go to enrollment and then weekly schedule. He has already been to SOAR and was told that this was his official schedule. I am sure that your son's is there or they will have it very soon. Good luck to your son! ME is a great program there. A good friend will be a sophomore in ME and he loves it! He did say that he worked much harder than he expected to and got to the beach a lot less often than he planned, but he really loves CP!</p>

<p>I find it amusing that my daughter's classes don't begin until 4:10 PM everyday and on T & TH she's done at 8:00 PM. If she's able to switch the math class (which she already took at community college), it might be nice if it were earlier in the day (but not TOO early) ;) And, if she can maybe add an elective, it would also be ideal if it was during the earlier part of the day. Well, she'll found out in a couple of weeks!</p>

<p>Registration</a> Rotations Schedule Fall 2010 New Students - Office of the Registrar - Cal Poly
Link for all incoming student's registration rotation. </p>

<p>(Some background: Way back when I was a freshman, the let incoming students get first pick. I distinctly remember the result resembling a DDoS attack on their servers :) . Around a year or so ago, they thought of this idea of just assigning all incoming students to a schedule. Since then, us continuing students register towards the end of Spring Quarter. See here:
Registration</a> Rotations Schedule Fall 2010 Continuing Students - Office of the Registrar - Cal Poly
Note the open enrollment date on both pages. Aug 28. That's where the unit caps and 'majors first' restrictions come off of certain classes. If you are intent on crashing classes, that's the date to watch for. )</p>