Sophie Davis 2020 interview

Hi everyone! Now that sophie davis has officially been giving out interviews, I thought I’d start a thread this way those of us who are applying could communicate with each other and everyone can post when they’re getting called in for interviews and etc. Also, any tips on interviewing from those who have interviewed at Sophie and been accepted in the past would be super appreciated! Best of luck to all who want to go Sophie!

I got an invitation, mine is on wednesday! Any tips would be helpful pls!! its my dream school

ps. do you think they’d ask about your thoughts about the corona virus?

Congrats! Oof…i hope not, but anythings possible. i heard they tend to focus on yr essays more and considering the corona virus is a controversial topic i’m not sure.

how did yr interview go

?? I would love to find out !!

Be yourself; Talk about your experiences. There were two staff interviews and one student interview.

I loved the people there and the interview process as well. I hope to get in!

I wish you all the best.

Did anybody hear from Sophie Davis regarding interview cancellations or decision?

@Jamesbond07 I think decisions come out end of March, not sure about interview cancellations. It is better to call and speak to them regarding interview schedules.

Thank you!

Do decisions come out today ? How many applicants this year and how many did they interview with the CUNY schools closing earlier in March ?

Will the program still take about 90 kids?
Good luck to all -

It appears more comments have been posted in previous years than for the communications on this program for 2020.

Does anyone want to add and comment on any ideas or anticipation for this program ? Would like to meet some of you that applied and interviewed! Thanks

@Liamgrad2020 Hey! I think they may come out today or tomorrow. But in past years I noticed that Sophie’s decisions are released on the last Friday of March. Hopefully they get back to us today! And I think they said in the open houses that the class is 75 students; it can be more depending on what they want for this year’s class. But the director of admissions told me they will admit more in the following years, not this one though.

Yes agreed! I wish more people communicated. But I did interview on march 11th, so feel free to stay in contact!


I interviewed on the 10th and am waiting to hear back. Anyone heard back today?

Still waiting over here.

@uptown12 Hey! I interviewed on the 11th, still waiting for decisions to come out. Hopefully we get them soon!

Interviewed January 29!

any updates for anyone else? still waiting

Nope but someone in the other thread said that letters might start on Monday instead of Friday.

Yeah they said they are going to get the emails out by the 1st. So I’m assuming Monday to Wednesday

I’m so nervous!

Isn’t Sophie only taking 75 students this year or is it 90? typically, they take 90 but I read that this year its going to be 75ish students.

I heard that they’re taking around 70

Oh. Someone said that due to the corona virus, the healthcare system realized that there’s a shortage of physicians so Sophie might take more than 70 this year.