Sophie Davis 2020 interview

Has anyone that got waitlisted heard anything?

No I think It is too soon to hear -
Do you have any idea if there is room For the waitlist this yr?
How many are on waitlist and how many is school accepting in this years class? Best of luck to us all

I haven’t heard any information about the room regarding the waitlisted students. However I heard from someone that the school was only taking about 65 students total this year. Good luck! Please post if anyone hears anything regarding being waitlisted.

Hi - has anyone heard yet on alternates ? Thanks

Was alternate and was rejected a week ago :frowning:

I got an email saying that they can’t offer me an admission. I was in alternate list from out of state.

I am in the process to apply for Fall/2021, any advise to fill out the application.

I am also applying for fall 2021 and some advice for the interviews would be great.

Hey swizz and Velan, I applied too. Hopefully, we all get an interview. How about this if we get one we’ll the others know just to reduce some stress. Good luck to both of you! And previously accepted students any advice or tips will be helpful.