Sophie Davis BSMD 2019 Applications

Hi everyone,
I didn’t find any 2019 thread so I decided to make one. I hope this can help future applicants and help one another on this journey. I just interviewed today 02/19/2019. I hope we create a community as potential future classmates. If you are still waiting on your interviews don’t give up. Feel free to ask me questions.

Hey @lunablue1. Thanks for making this thread. I just called Sophie today and they said they haven’t received one of my recs and Im pretty nervous because my friend submitted her application after me but got an interview while I still haven’t. I’m praying that I get it later and not get flat out rejected before I have the chance of an interview.

@Bubbles2016 can you ask your recommenders if they all sent it to them. Or if Sophie Davis told you which recommendation wasn’t sent in. That way they can send it asap. Make sure you use the right SD email address too. You still have a chance don’t be too nervous, interviews still continue until March. Update me on how it goes. I wish you all the best!!

Hey guys I applied and have my interview this Wednesday. I’m super nervous about it and any tips will help. Also good luck to everyone applying

@GraceAkins I am so sorry I didn’t respond sooner. I know it doesn’t help but go over your essays like know the content very well. Also review extracurricular. Dress professionally. They will probably ask you a second career choice, it’s a trick. They want to know if you are really interested in medicine. Also ask the student interview about your faculty interviews, a student told me that one of my faculty interviewer likes to tell awkward jokes, so during interview I laugh but not over doing it. Ask questions!. I am sure you did your best. Good luck and congratulations on your interview!!!

Thanks for the support. I sent in my recommendation 2 days ago and I hope all goes well. I have to wait a week or two and see what happens.

@lunablue1 so 2nd profession choice should be ? I really do not have a second profession choice. It is all the way being a medical doctor by this route or traditional route

@diaash exactly, you tell them that. It shows your commitment.

@Bubbles2016 I hope everything turns out right.

@lunablue1 it’s alright I had it on Wednesday and it went really well all of my interviews were nice and friendly. However I think I messed up bc when they asked for a second career choice I said anything related to do with psychology and mental health. I hope that doesn’t cost me from being admitted:(

@GraceAkins As long as it’s related to medicine, you should be fine ?

Hey everyone,
I recently got admitted into City College (not Sophie) and wanted to know if it has anything to do with my application directly…like should I enroll? I don’t think I need to because they are two separate applications, but I’m just a little skeptical. So do you all know what I should do or have you all gotten an acceptance from City College? (I hope I also receive an interview from Sophie as well :slight_smile: )

I got an acceptance to ccny as well. But I’m not going to enroll unless I get sophie bc someone might get city college but not sophie

Oh okay…thank you @GraceAkins
I hope I get an interview fingers crossed

Hey i was wondering if anyone had tips for the interview

There is still plenty of time left so don’t worry about it :slight_smile:

@Ofalana just be yourself. The student interview is really chill and the other two interviews are good as well. They ask about your essays and why you wrote what you did. Also some of the questions repeat throughout each interview so don’t change your answer in one interview. Lastly in between interviews you’re in a room with current Sophie students. You can ask them questions about the program. The nerves will decrease as the interviews progress. Good luck. !

I still haven’t received an interview and I am super worried.Sophie is literally my dream school. I hope its not too late.

@Bubbles2016 interviews countinue until mid march so you still have time. Don’t lose hope yet

Hey guys, sorry I have been MIA.
Great advice @GraceAtkins. @Ofalana I hope your questions were answered if you have any specific questions go ahead and ask. I sincerely wish you all the best on your interview. @bubbles2016 I really hope you get picked soon for an interview. If you aren’t in 3 weeks don’t lose hope, if medicine is your passion. Go through the route traditionally or reapply to SD as a transfer after your first semester in college. Positive vibes all the way guys!!.
Count down is on T minus 24 days till April 1st.