Sophie Davis Fall 2021

Anyone else applying to the Sophie Davis CSOM program?


Can anyone tell me if I have a chance of getting the interviews My GPA was at times. inconsistent but final gpa of around 92. Throughout the 3 years it improved drastically. In 9th grade it was like 88 and this semester its a 99. My regents scores are Bio 96 and Chem 100. Algebra 1 89, Algebra 2 93. Geometry 80 but my average in the class was 90.

Grades in science classes
Biology 82, 92
Chemistry 96, 92
Physics 90, 85

My Extracurriculars are pretty good but just in terms of grades, do i have a chance?


Hey Toor03, I think you definitely have a chance. In my opinion, Sophie Davis is so unpredictable that it’s really hard for anyone to guess. But I definitely think if you have stellar essays and volunteer work you have a chance. In terms of grades they are good but Sophie Davis takes a holistic approach. Good luck.

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Keep us updated on how your process goes. Btw are you applying fall 2021? Good luck once again.

Thanks! Yeah I am applying for fall 2021 I just submitted my application two days ago. I heard interviews start in late january (24 25 ish)

That’s amazing. Me too. Best of luck, I hope we both get an interview at least.

But definitely do let me know if you get an interview intivation.

Good luck to you too! lol I hope we both get in

Yeah let me know too if you get an invite!

Yeah ofcourse I’ll let you know. Let me know if you have any questions maybe I can help.

Will do.
and if you have any let me know I could help. I already go to high school on that campus so I have learned a lot about it over the years.

Oh wow. Okay. That’s great since you have the experience. I will definitely let you know if I need anything.

Of course!

Hey, if you don’t mind me asking what we’re some extracurriculars that you did?

Btw, you do not have to say what you did if you don’t want to.

Some of the things I did were as follows:

Volunteered at a hospital (got one rec letter from there). Muslim Student Association. Middle School Initiative ( a program to prepare students for SHSAT) Head of Fundraising of Key Club. I was in a STEM magazine club for a short while. After School program at the Museum of Natural History. Conservation Leadership Corps.

No worries. I’m happy to tell you if it helps. How about you? I was lucky enough to volunteer at a hospital before everything closed and begged them to write the rec letter lol

That’s amazing, you have amazing extracurriculars. Some of the stuff I did were thankfully volunteered at the hospital before the whole COVID 19, a few clubs a outreach program and some shadowing. If you want to know anything else I’m more than happy to tell you.

That’s great yoU got a letter from them. Is Sophie Davis the only program you’re trying for or are there other schools you also want to get in to?

Im applying to a few others . nyu, bing, boston, macaulay and more but this is the only bsmd

Oh okay. That’s good to have a variety of options open. Thanks for telling me your extracurriculars hopefully my extracurriculars helped you in any way lol.

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Hi! Has anyone got an email from Sophie abt anything other than application being successfully submitted? I could’ve sworn I saw somewhere they said they’ll let us know if we’re missing anything/if they have all of our application materials??