Space launch today - anybody else watching?

I almost forgot that it is today! Did anybody else want to be an astronaut growing up? So excited and hopeful.

Hope the weather doesn’t cancel the launch. My husband is on the road for work and plans to stop and watch on his phone when time!

I have an alarm set on my phone to remind me. When we were in FL we used to watch many of the shuttle launches in person. We got to watch one sitting right next to the astronauts’ families, though for that one we lived here in PA and traveled down to it.

New age. New rocket. Same love of space exploration.

Planning on it.

Yup, it is a big deal around here!

Has the launch been canceled yet? Hoping I get out of this doctors office soon.


See folks again on Saturday…

PS I’d rather see it scrubbed and sent off safely than take a chance, so while we’re bummed, it’s understandable.

Such anticipation… and then let down. Disappointing, but weather is not good. Next chance is Saturday. Loving seeing all the Teslas :slight_smile:

3:22 on Saturday. AM or PM? Discovery reporter didn’t say.

Well dang. Hope it clears by Saturday. ?

3:22 PM Saturday - see y’all then…

Weather doesn’t look great for Saturday or Sunday, but hopefully no thunderstorms. I was watching on the NASA website, as the channel for prelaunch were Discovery and National Geographic; both had way too many commercials. The only problem with watching online is there was a 1.5 minute lag, so I could see on the tv it was scrubbed before I saw it on NASA!

Might rethink which channel on Saturday!

Yeah, stick with NASA online desperate the the lag, to me no commercials is worth it b

What is fascinating – besides all the science, of course – is that NASA is no longer in the business of building these things. They are now just a customer. A customer with very specific specifications, of course, but just a customer. Of course, NASA used to contract out various parts of the rockets in the first place, but now they play no role at all in building the things.

Looks like it is a GO!!! :slight_smile: