Spelman 2023

Good luck to the ladies in contention for a spot!

Leave your progress, updates, thoughts, concerns, and excitement below …

I have a 3.6 weighted and an 1140 on the SAT. I think it was in range for previous years, but gpa average went up to 3.8 and SAT went up to 1212 for 2018 freshman. Am I competitive enough with grades alone?

And do they send decisions out exactly on December 31 or do they start earlier?

Just got my decision today! Accepted class of 2023, couldn’t be happier!

@TeaShister Congrats! I got in too! I wonder when they’re sending out FA awards though

I GOT IN!! I just checked my portal randomly and an update was there! I hope they give me good $$$

Has anyone received the blue envelope and were finances mentioned?

My daughter has received hers and it does have fa included. Sadly, she was offered something like $4500 and the rest (40k) would be loans. My daughter’s stats are pretty good - I truly wonder how so many afford to go to Spelman?

@Phillymom5 most girls either come from families with a substantial amount of money that can pay mostly (or all) out of pocket OR they bust their behinds getting scholarships to cover most of the cost. It’s still enough time to find scholarships. I would reach out to Spelman’s financial aid office to see if they can be more of a resource on how to make Spelman a reality with external scholarship leads etc

ACCEPTED!!! But FA has to be good for it to be a contender

The financial aid was terrible :frowning:

Super bummed that even my scholarships won’t cover the cost-- it’s that huge of a gap!

Does anyone know when the Bonner Scholars are announced?


Got in. Financial Aid is TRASH! Also accepted to UVA, UNC, Colgate, College of William and Mary and Tulane. Got lots of financial aid from all schools. Admitted into Honors College at all, including Spelman. I was told that you had to apply EA/ED to get any consideration for Merit and I applied ED for Yale and got deferred (will know tomorrow) and also should hear from Brown, NYU, Georgetown and Stanford. Grade are 4.2 weighted GPA, 1520 SAT, 33 ACT and 4 AP test with 4 or greater. Weak on volunteering but alot of ECs. Not sure what they were looking for in Merit. Really wanted to be a Spemanite…but not about to have my parents taking out loans when schools are offering free or close.

@Kyndee1129 So many potential Spelmanites are in your position because Spelman don’t give out many big scholarships. I know Spelmanites that turned down full rides to Top 50 schools because they wanted the Spelman experience so bad and they have no regrets (many ended up at the schools they turned down for grad school on full rides). Think about it a bit more because the Spelman experience and network is like no other (and may be worth the debt) but I understand a full scholarship is hard to pass up.