spotted lantern fly

Got spotted lantern fly in may yard! Any tip on what to do? Report line are closed until Monday.

Take a photo and kill it!

Since it’s CC, there’s got to be an expert on the spotted lantern fly here!

Ha, seriously, when people ask me why I stay on CC, I tell them, “Because you can get help on ANY subject. If you want to find out about beetles in Chile, SOMEBODY will be an expert on them.” Then I saw this thread!

I killed it first before taking a picture.

@MaineLonghorn Ha!

How many people (besides me) just looked up spotted lanternfly?

Here in Eastern PA we have been killing them since May. We first saw them last summer in this area but we didn’t have them in our yard. This year we have had many! Right now they are in their red stage about to be full sized adults. They jump really quickly when you try to squash them! Many people have sticky tape around their trees which they get stuck to and die while climbing the tree, and the tapes are COVERED in SLF’s!

@Iglooo Where are you? Are you in a SLF quarantine area? We (specialty farmers) have been dreading the arrival of these for years now, so I am really hoping you are in Pennsylvania… These things are really destructive for many crops.

Are we allowed to post links? This young lady has developed a spotted lantern fly trap that can be made at home with common supplies . Or look up on YouTube : Spotted Lanternfly Trap Presentation - Rachel Bergey

Are you in Pennsylvania? Report it here: The Penn State website has a lot of information:

@bookreader1 Awesome. At the moment, they are not quite adult. Supposedly, this is the time to catch except I can’t find them. Shall I use stickies?

Here, you get help and also learn.

OMG. Another invasive species to worry about. Thanks CC! ?

@Iglooo in our neck of the woods the opportunity to catch them is just about passed. We saw and “caught” many in the nymph stage (black) but now that they are red we only see one or two a day. I think they have climbed high into the trees at this stage. Now we’re waiting to see the adults flying around the yard.

Yikes!!! SWD and giant hornets and marmorated stinkbugs, oh my! And now this?

Welcome to globalization!

They have been all over the news in PA for 2 years now. Apparently they are really destructive and people are urged to kill them or put sticky tape on trees etc. Just another thing to worry about . . .

We have whitetail moths and browntail moths in Maine that are horrible. So far (knock on wood) they haven’t gotten to our neighborhood, but we’re surrounded by them.