Spring 2012 Chances?

<p>I'm re- applying to W&M for spring 2012. I applied to transfer for fall 2011 and was waitlisted.
I completed one year at JMU with a cumulative gpa of 3.48. I am now going to community college this fall since Kim van Deusen told me that was the best bet, since the credits are easily transferred and I didn't want to go back to my old school.
This semester I'm taking
Abnormal Psych
Intro to Physical Geology
US History
Eng 112 - college composition II
This summer I've done an internship with a historical foundation, working in museums and the curatorial department. I'm planning on continuing the work during school, just with fewer hours. I'm also planning on getting involved at school, joining a few clubs.
Assuming I get straight A's or almost that, I'm wondering what my chances are for this spring. I'm also attending a prospective transfer day in the fall (last semester I could not go, but my mom did).

<p>If you've already connected with Kim Van Deusen chances are you've gotten a good answer to your question. Dean Van Deusen will be very up front with a student as to whether or not they are competitive for transfer admission and if she's recommended a course of action for you chances are she believes you will become competitive. If you follow the plan she set forth, take the classes she recommends and maintain high grades (we generally like to see transfer applicants have a 3.5/3.6 or higher) you will be following the path towards becoming a competitive applicant.</p>