Spring 2022 (Maths & Physics Major Class Selections)

Thank you all for providing insights and helping me narrow down on what to tackle for Fall 2021.

As the semester is half-way done, I’m thinking of potential classes I can take for the subsequent semester.

Here’s a rough potential list of the classes I’m interested or required to take for Spring 2022:

Introductory Physics II (For Physics Majors) - Fields and E&M [Required] - 3
Experimental Physics I (Mechanics & Heat) [Required] - 2
Introduction To Proof Writing [Required] - 3
Programming For Physics [Optional] - 3
Mathematical Methods For Physics I [Optional] (Can be substituted with Linear Algebra & ODE - one of which I’m taking already and other I’m planning to take in the Winter session)- 3
Intro To Number Theory [Interested] (No proofs class required) - 3
Euclidean and Non-Euclidean Geometry [Interested] (No proofs Class Required) - 3

I would like any advice on how to tackle this and beware that this is still in the tentative phase.

At the moment, the only thing blocking me from taking most further Maths classes is my Proofs class but there are also a few classes that don’t require me have taken Proofs beforehand (two of which I’ve mentioned in the list above).