Spring admit & sorority options

My daughter was waitlisted at William and Mary. If she doesn’t get off the list, it seems like there is the option to attend in the Spring through the guaranteed admission process. If she took that route and started in January, would she have missed an opportunity to join a sorority? How would she eventually do so? And how much do those typically cost, btw?


They probably have COB so not a worry. I think WM is around $1000 for dues, maybe a little less.

The houses that don’t meet quota in the fall can COB, but she’d probably be better off waiting until sophomore year- unless she attends a COB event at a house and finds her people. It’s usually only a small number that COB. I’m an alum who goes back to help with recruitment.

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What’s COB?

Continuous Open Bidding

I have not participated in a sorority, however there are numerous students I have known that have joined sororities after their freshman year. Sororities recruit both in the fall and the spring semester (more heavily in the fall) and several students have done so even as transfer students. Many students I have met said it was helpful for them to join their sophomore year, or after their first semester – so they can establish a strong footing and make friends outside of the greek life system, because it can be rather time intensive and consuming once you take that step.

My family (myself, wife and 2 daughters are flying from LA to Williamsburg tonight to visit the town. I’m looking for an upperclassman who can take us on an hour tour of the popular college spots, and give us a talk track of their time at W&M and why they loved it. Anytime time tomorrow (4/7). $100 for their time. Thanks!

I’m in FL, waitlisted and strongly considering the Community College option for Spring Admission .

I can’t answer about sororities bc I honestly don’t know anything about them and suspect they won’t be my thing. Who knows though. I may play intramural womens soccer and go watch some various college games.

Just wanted to share that I too am looking very hard at Spring admission.