Sprinter looking to transfer

I am an incoming freshman at at a UC and I want to try and transfer (WashU, JHU, Amherst to name a few). I am a sprinter in track and field and was wondering if my times (7.12-60m, 11.04-100m, 22.24-200m) would get me any help with admission, or if coaches support was just reserved for first year applicants. I also am going to try and transfer to a couple D1s (Rice, Cornell) but I don’t think I have the times to get recruited in the first place. I know since I am a first year transfer my high school grades will have the most weight, I had a good amount of Bs with a pretty rigorous course load and scored a 1560 on the SAT

Those are solid times. I’d reach out to coaches right now. Transfer policies vary so much by school that I’d leave it to the coaches to decide how realistic it is for them to help. Coaches at those D3s you’re talking about would be excited by your times, so you’ll get attention. I’d cast a wide net to include some of the SCIAC schools too.

My guess is that you’re not quite at the Ivy or Rice levels yet for support but I’d reach out to those coaches just to see. Especially if you’re open to moving up to the 4. You’re not so far off that I’d be shocked if a school like Brown or Dartmouth offered support. Cornell is pretty loaded in the sprints but I’d give the coach a chance to decide if you’re a fit.

Why do you want to transfer ?

Thanks for the reply, my 400m pr right now is around 51 mid so I don’t include that in most emails to coaches. I want to transfer because I’m going pre med and the school I’m attending right now doesn’t have the best of pre-med programs, and the schools I am considering also have an interdisciplinary program that I am interested in

@politeperson Thanks, I already reached out to SCIACs but they said they are not supporting transfers this season unfortunately. I will try reaching out to Ivys but like you said, I’m probably not fast enough to receive support of any kind