SSAT Reading and Verbal Tips!! Hoping to score at or about 80th

Anyone know of any good lists? or advice for the online SSAT? I recently took it and scored very low. and is there a month that will help my score? Maybe the month most people take it for the first time

I can’t answer the good lists question but I can tell you that in terms of scoring – only the first test someone takes is included in the peer calculation, so you are not being rated against kiddos who are taking the test for the third time.

Checkout Quizlet. Download some of the vocabulary lists. Make sure you practice a little everyday.

@Calliemomofgirls Can you clarify what you wrote? For example, schools take into consideration only the first SSAT score the student earns? Thanks!

@thealternative happy to clarify. I probably didn’t write that very well.

You suggested you might take the SSAT during a month where a lot of people are taking it for the first time. My understanding of that comment was that you were hoping to be graded “more easily” that way since the SSAT percentile score depends completely upon how you do compared to your peer group (meaning compared to the scores of other test takers who are your age.)

I wanted to let you know that for the purposes of percentile calculation, only scores of first-time takers are used. In other words, your score is evaluated within a peer group of ONLY first time test takers. (And I believe it’s over a rolling 3-year period.)

You are graded in a curve of your (first-time) test-taking peers.

Does that make sense?

(I may have misunderstood your logic here, however.)

You get a percentile calculation every time you take the test but the scale (the curve) is based on first-time test takers.

I’ll also add just to make sure — schools will only get which scores you choose to send them. You can send them one or multiple scores — up to you. And it is NOT cheaper or better to send your scores before you’ve seen them. So wait until you have the score you want (or at least the score you are going to live with!) and then send.

@Calliemomofgirls Thanks for your insights. (I am a different poster than the person that started this thread.)

@thealternative indeed you are! I was replying on my phone so didn’t see that on my small screen. Thx for pointing out. Holler anytime with questions from the trenches.