St Andrews - Fall 2023

Didn’t see a thread yet for St Andrews Class of 2027, so starting one here!

Please post if you hear back with a decision.


My son applied a few weeks ago (physics) via UCAS app. All materials have been received. Just waiting now!

DS23 working on essay. Interested in studying Marine Bio there.

Son just got in for Geography and Sustainable Development. Even though he actually applied for Economics and Geography. Took 12 days from submitting common app and getting respose.

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Congrats!! When did he submit his application?

October 14th

I was asked to submit a transcript and a school profile just today and was wondering if this was a good or bad sign for my application?

It means they are reviewing your application and so hopefully you should hear something sooner than later. No holistic review. They need all the DATA. Decisions are data driven.

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any chance he also has an app into Ox or Bridge?!

No interest. Wants four years and wants to enjoy every minute!!! Will probably consider those for Grad school. This is the boy that heads the Meat Club at his boarding school and currently has a pig waiting for pick up at shipping. OxBridge too intense from the get-go.

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Has anyone heard back from any history departments?

I actually received an offer for history early this morning :slight_smile:

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Congratulations! When did you apply?

I applied 10/14 and uploaded my documents 11/10 and received an unconditional offer 11/17

If you feel comfortable sharing your stats, I’d be interested. My son may apply for Marine Bio. I’ve suggested he work some more on his essay to meet expectations for a UK Personal Statement. Is St. A’s a #1 choice? Have you visited?

this is where I posted about my stats - it is my top 2 right now and I think I will visit soon

has anyone heard back from management and modern languages? or any americas in general

My son received an unconditional offer for theoretical physics today!

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Are you able to share stats?

4.2 GPA - all science & math classes have been honors / accelerated or AP
4 AP classes before senior year — including AP Physics 1 (all 4s & 5s)
4 AP classes this year - including AP Physics 2 & BC Calc, plus self-studying for Physics C:EM exam since his school doesn’t offer it as a class
31 ACT
Wrote his personal statement about his habit of going above & beyond lab and coursework in physics and math

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