St. Andrews Roommate/Social Life

Good evening.

I accepted my offer to St. Andrews in the fall and recently filled out my roommate questionnaire. The survey brought to mind a few questions about accommodation life:

Is smoking/vaping prevalent? I know it’s not allowed on dorms, but I’m sure that doesn’t deter people. Do a lot of people do it? Is it only in a certain crowd or pretty widespread? And are people judged for it?

My roommate survey asked about smoking/vaping, so I was wondering if that would heavily influence roommate pairings?

I think smoking is a bit more common with UK students than in the US. My D said there is vaping but it’s not a huge thing and she doesn’t know anyone who does it. Because the drinking age is 18 and kids go to pubs smoking while out is a bit common as well.

As an aside, do you want a roommate? A good majority of the rooms are singles so if you’re concerned you could go the no roommate route.

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I agree. Roommates are a weird American invention that a typical British kid is horrified by. It’s perfectly possible to be social without having to live with someone else.