St Andrew's University Scotland

I am really interested in going to university at St. Andrew’s, but I don’t know if my grades are good enough. I’m American
and I’ve heard that they’re more lenient in admissions for us, but I’m still concerned.
I’m almost done with my sophomore year, and this year has been much worse than last year.

Freshman year:
Honors English: A (transcript only has letter grade at my high school)
Honors History: A
Micro. Apps for Business (excel and publisher; one semester): A
PE/Health: A
German 2: A
Biology: A
Geometry: A

total weighted GPA: 4.1
Unweighted GPA: 4.0

My strong performance freshman year lead me to believe that I could take more honors classes sophomore year.

These are the grades I believe I will finish with this year.

Sophomore year:
Honors English: A
Honors History: A
Robotics engineering: A
Air Force JROTC (should’ve joined this last year): A
Honors German 3: A
Honors Chemistry with Lab: C (might be able to get up to a B but not very likely)
Honors Algebra 2: C

Total weighted GPA: 3.78
Unweighted GPA: 3.42

As you can see I really screwed up when it comes to Math and Science.

Next year’s classes (Junior year):
AP English
AP US history
CHS (basically AP) Argument
Air Force JROTC
Honors German 4
Physics with Lab

Since my strong suits are History and English, I’m not worrying as much when it comes to my grades next year.
Anyway I am interested in majoring in something to do with Politics, History, or International Relations. Another factor that
could probably help me a lot is rowing. I’m a pretty good rower, and St. Andrew’s has a great boat club. (I don’t think I’d ever go to a university if I couldn’t row). I’m not Ivy League recruit level but I could definitely make it on a D1 team in the States. Rowing also hurt my grades a lot this year, practices 5-6 days a week and not getting home until late.

Aim to get high scores in the AP tests next year. It’s a bit early to give real predictions of your chances, but I think you’re on the right track.

Sigh. Have you read the admissions info on their website?

You need to meet the requirements. They say A & B+ average- so far you just about have that. Make sure you keep it. For the courses that you are planning to apply to (btw, IR is one of the most competitive courses at St As), plan to take AP Euro and AP Comp Gov senior year.

If St. a or another UK school is your top choice, Air Force JROTC seems a bit of a waste of time. Use your time to study for the relevant tests. They do not recruit for sports.