St George's at "party school"?

<p>my son is considering St G, and although we've read and heard a lot of great things, i also heard from both parents and kids that it has a rep as a party school and more issues than others w/ drugs and alcohol. any insights are much appreciated.</p>

<p>I am sorry I don’t know that answer, but I would love to know of any schools that are considered party schools…</p>

<p>No, St. George’s is not a party school. It has zero tolerance coupled with a one strike policy. If your friends encounter you under the influence they will take you to the infirmary, when disciplinary action will be waived but D/A treatment and counseling would be administered for the remainder of the year. A process which is similar to most schools. There was an incident in the Winter of 2010 in which 10 students were booted. There were no drugs found but there was a grocery list with which, if you know the details, was sufficient for dismissal. I believe that was the incident that most refer to. The students are extremely proud of their school and highly appreciated the opportunity given them to attend such a a school in a setting that is above par for most boarding schools. Pm’d you.</p>

<p>@ops – many thanks for your candid and thoughtful msg. sometimes it’s hard to separate the facts from the ‘urban myths’ that are a by product of scandals. really appreciate your taking the time to offer your perspective. (as a new member, i’m apparently unable to send msgs until i’ve made 15 posts)</p>


<p>Since the U.S. has such a litigation-crazy culture, I doubt there is much tolerance nowadays by any BS administration of a “partying” atmosphere because of the liability & reputation exposure.</p>