St. George's School

<p>Alumni and parent of alumni willing to answer questions for those who are seriously considering St. George's School in Newport / Middletown, RI., aka SG. The school is a member of the ISL, academically challenging with a diverse student body and faculty. Antagonistic / trolling inquiries will not be entertained.</p>

<p>My father was stationed at Newport for a year while I was in high school, so i am somewhat familiar with the school. I have little concern about the academics of school. But is the school competitive athletically - especially football and basketball?</p>

<p>Academically never a walk in the park. In fact, they started raising the academic bar 5 years ago to the discontent of some faculty. Having raised the bar, the caliber of student was also altered. The sports ride a roller coaster. The teams go from winning seasons to losing seasons to undefeated seasons like at any other boarding school. But the students are offered to play any sport of their choosing that the school offers. Team spirit is high.

<p>Is it true that the graduation requirement for math is calc?</p>

<p>Son took calculus but believe pre-calculus is the requirement.</p>

<p>"Mathematics - Study Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, and Precalculus. The majority of our students are enrolled in a math course through senior year."</p>

<p>Why would the faculty feel 'discontent' when the academic bar was raised? Too much workload? Curious what you meant by that comment.</p>

<p>when i visited, i got an extremely warm, nurturing vibe from the school, which is great for some kids, a friend of mine went and loved it. not the best fit for me, but i think it seems like a great school for a certain type of person.</p>

<p>I gathered that some faculty enjoy very much teaching and weary of having a classroom full of young geniuses. I guess it can get kind of boring and can really shut down the kid who may not be quite up to warp speed. Fast forward 6 years and all is well. I could not walk pass any student on that campus without getting asked if I needed help or receiving a simple smile and hello.</p>

<p>Is St. George's co-ed? If so, what year did it go co-ed? Does it have women's crew and or women's sailing team?</p>

<p>SG went coed in the very early 70's, I think 71 or 72. The sailing team is coed and phenomenal. Two rising juniors, a boy and a girl just won the C420 North American Championship. SG won the Nationals a few years ago. The SG sailing team consistently takes silver home. SG does not have crew. Go to St. Andrew's in Delaware for crew.</p>