St Lawrence University ED/RD 2021

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D applied but no news yet. St Lawrence releases all decisions on the same day or slowly?

Accepted with $100,000 scholarship for 4 years!! Decision was delivered via mail.

@WilliamNYC According to SLU twitter, all decisions were put in the mail this week - Internationals on Wed, and domestic on Friday.
So they’re on the way…

Maybe email notifications are a couple days later (giving the mail a chance first)? (would explain an international student (^) getting an email today.) We’re in CT…will have my kids check for an email when they’re awake!

Congrats @Jerryhu19971127 !

Congrats @Jerryhu19971127!
I saw the notice on SLU’s FB page that the packages are in the mail. Very exciting times! Good luck all!

Daughter got her acceptance in the mail today- Massachusetts. $25,000 in Merit Aid!

Congrats @travelfamily! Same here. We’re very excited!!

D & S received theirs today as well.
Our experience with SLU has been so positive…with my older daughter (who ultimately chose another school) and now with these two. Not sure at this point what the final decisions will be, but I love the school and I know it could be a great choice for them both.

Is $25,000 the standard SLU merit scholarship? It seems like that is what many people received.

Yes, @LuisaL that’s a typical merit scholarship at SLU. It’s pretty good for a liberal arts college.

While my daughter received a great merit offer. We are disappointed in the page outlining the rate increases. 75k by sr year likely puts them out of reach for her!

Definitely something to consider. Though I’m glad they were upfront about it, so we can make an informed decision. My guess is that many schools will also increase tuition each year.

Is the $25,000 merit per year or total.

@PDH135 the scholarship my S received was for 4 years.

It was $25,000 a year for my daughter. She also just got her package from Union College and they listed the increase in tuition per year and it was at the same rate as St. Lawrence’s increase, so I’m guessing that might be somewhat typical.

Colleges and Universities in New York State are now required by law to publish a forecast of expected future costs. The numbers are scary if you look out 4 years but the reality is it applies to all schools, it is just that the non New York schools dont have to tell you anything.

The whole college pricing thing is starting to look like health care. There is the stated price but there is the price that they will actually take. I really don’t understand why they are doing this. My daughter got merit aid to a bunch of schools that we were prepared to pay for. I don’t want to look a gift horse in the mouth but it seems to me that the colleges should simplify their pricing model.