St. Olaf College Overall Experience

Hi guys I am currently a senior in High School, and I am attending St. Olaf for my next four years. I am so excited, and I want to ask about school overall from anyone who wants to share about your knowledge/experience with St. Olaf.
I am a really outgoing guy from California, and moving to Minnesota means a whole new world to me. So I would really appreciate for any information you share (don’t hesitate to share your opinions as I won’t take it biased).
Thank you all!

Buy your Winter clothing there as California “winter clothing” will be inadequate. :smiley: Winters are cold but bright and sunny, which I really prefer to milder and overcast all the time.
Plan a trip to Mall of America when it’s cold, it’s huge and inside.
Students are generally intellectually curious, honest, and straightforward. There’s such a thing as “Minnesota-nice”, although of course there are plenty of criminal and nasty people in Minnesota :).

My DD has really enjoyed her time there. Don’t fret about the weather. It’s a great school.

My daughter is a finishing her first year and she has had a wonderful experience.

St. Olaf has a very active campus life… from conservatory level music to hockey and ice dancing — from the biking club to fantastic student productions… and hundreds of other clubs and groups. My advice (one kid just graduated, another is a sophomore), is to be very intentional about your first weeks there and really try and explore as many offerings as you can — to find places where you want to connect. Also, a lot of studying is done in small groups, so engage with that soon too. Finally, it’s intense at times, as much is expected. Stay healthy, stay balanced…(and have fun, too!)