Stafford loan deferment, does it end if I graduate with a A.S degree and continue on?

<p>This spring will be my last semester at my CC and I will be graduating with my A.S and transferring to a state university. Right now my family has a financial burden due to the divorce of my parents. Over the summer I saved money so I wouldn't have to work this upcoming semester since I'm taking a heavy science/math load (16 credit hours), but a majority went to transportation issues and living expenses due to the divorce. </p>

<p>I've been eligible for need based Stafford loans since I started last fall, but refused to take them. If I take out a loan for my last graduating semester at my community college, will this automatically place me out of deferment even if I transfer to another school and work on my BS?</p>

<p>No. If you enroll at least half time within six months after your last day of classes at the CC, you can request/receive in school deferment.</p>