Stage Management--(1) Portfolio (2) Acceptance rates

(1) My son is applying to stage management BFA programs. Many of them give very little information about what should be in their portfolios. Is the best course of action just to write to each college and ask what should be included?
(2) Right now he is listing each school as a reach/target/safety based on its overall acceptance rate, but of course BFAs are a whole other thing entirely. How to get that info? Does he just write to each theater school to ask their acceptance rate for that program?

Have you checked the websites carefully for the schools requirements? Maybe list some of the schools here so others might have the info for you .

He is ending up writing to each school for the info, but it seems like it should be available, no?

Typically, schools only publish their overall acceptances but you might be able to enquire about departmental acceptances by reaching out to the schools.

@CollegeCalm2 My D is Class of 2024 BFA in Design/Tech – after going through the entire process last year at 13 schools, we never figured out, really, what the acceptance rates in the Theatre Production area are (there is plenty of info available on the performance side, however). Programs at the schools my D investigated ranged from 4-12 students per year in a particular area. I can tell you that the interview slots filled up at the schools with visible sign-up days/times (50+ slots, I’m guessing, but that may be across D/P departments), and the various Theater Department open houses and tours we had seemed full. What schools is your S investigating?

Regarding the portfolio, the schools seemed pretty flexible and several commented during info sessions that they are aware applicants may have had limited or extensive theater opportunities – both extremes are absolutely OK. If your S has pages with notes or schedules, a script with his comments & cues, any design process photos or layouts, or any other evidence of his creative and work processes, all of those would be good additions. My D included set building and scenic painting photos, lighting diagrams, show poster designs, performance photos, set design diagrams and model photos, etc. If he has done anything in local theaters (outside of his high school), definitely include names of directors, choreographers, designers, etc. – it’s a small world and there may be a connection that an interviewer notices, which can’t hurt.