Stanford 2025 Deferral

Thought someone should make this thread. Hello to all my fellow deferred applicants!

Congratulations I guess? I’m really not sure how to process it. One one hand, it’s the admissions office telling me I have a much higher than normal chance at admission, which is objectively good news. On the other hand, it sucks…

Anyone have any guesses as to our admit rate? My math estimation is about 20-25% but there really aren’t many numbers here so… all I can say is that it is pretty surely less than 40. But 20% seems about right.

Good luck to everyone though :slight_smile: it might be worth people all cataloging whether they got in or not in March/April, just so we can give some numbers to next years class :slight_smile:


Hey @Kevin1327 fellow deferred applicant here. I think the acceptance rate is about a 15-25% margin. This time is really weird. We have a discord if you’re interested.

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Yes @Dari918 deifinitely interested in a discord! Not sure the best way to get me the link. Why do you say it’s weird this year?

@Kevin1327 Oh, I just mean it’s weird to be almost at the level of admission, but not denied. Just so frustrating.

@Dari918 ahh ok that makes sense. Just emailed you, thanks in advance! Deferral is such a weird state to be in…

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@Kevin1327 I also got deferred! I totally feel you on the whole not knowing whether to be happy or sad…for me it’s bittersweet! On one hand, I thought I got rejected at first so a deferral was a nice surprise, but on the other hand, it sucks being so on the fence.

Good luck with the rest of your school year tho! We probably have a good chance of getting into other amazing schools since Stanford defers a tiny percentage of students (I heard less than they admit early? I’m not sure tho). :smiley:

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Any legacies that were deferred for 2025?

Legacy deferral here…and not holding out much hope for admission. I live in the Bay Area and know lots of legacies who were given the “courtesy deferral” to Stanford and not admitted.

I thought it was a “courtesy waitlist” more than a “courtesy deferral” but I hadn’t thought about that before. There seems to be so few deferred versus rejected (unlike Harvard for example), do you really think that they defer legacies on that basis? Perhaps a counter argument is that the Bay Area legacy applicants are really strong and deserved to be in the deferral group on their own merits. It’s tough to be in the gray area, but I think it speaks very highly of everyone’s accomplishments to be deferred at Stanford. Good luck!

I went to Stanford, and my D21 was deferred this year. I agree with notundecided that many alum friends and family have had their kids deferred and then not accepted. But, because of the tiny admit rate, it is really hard to gather any inferences.


I just had assumed many legacies applied REA and yet there weren’t that many deferrals…I want to be optimistic for the deferrals. My daughter is a legacy and was admitted REA, but I have to believe those deferred - given how few there were - are incredibly strong candidates. I do know one legacy that was deferred and I hope he gets in as well, as seems very deserving. Best of luck to everyone.

not a deferred applicant but you guys should know, a deferral from Stanford is really good. they do not defer many applicants and you have a solid shot at ultimately being admitted. like Stanford is known for accepting most kids from their (small) deferral pool!