Stanford 2025 REA

Felt annoying to be starting this so early but last year’s was started earlier, plus it’s not like we have anything else to do during quarantine lmao

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Hi…not really sure what this is for but since I am planning to apply REA to Stanford this year, thought I would make my mark. Does anybody mind telling me their profile

Hey guys! Please chance me if I have a shot at Stanford REA for class of 2025
Background info:

  • white male
  • competitive high school (i think around 5 into stanford this year)
  • NY state

GPA: 3.89
SAT: 1550 (750 reading + 800 math)
SATII: 800 math I + 780 biology


  • molecular biology research internship in the city (research will be published before applications are due)
  • violinist >10 years (will submit a supplement) (volunteered accompanist for a music summer camp for multiple years)
  • 500 medical related volunteer hours

  • HOSA (leadership position)
  • Operation Smiles (leadership position)
  • self-employed tutor
  • founded a literacy program for underprivileged kids at library
  • Columbia Science Honors Program
  • school choir
  • research club at school
  • Volunteered at the US Open in medical tents
  • took a literacy summer program at Columbia
  • scholastic regional awards


  • ISEF finalist (probably will win a couple more research awards) (only kid in grade that has been isef finalist)
  • HOSA top 10 internationally (i have state awards from HOSA as well and received an awards for having >250 related medical hours)
  • several music competitions mostly 1st and 2nd prize


  • im gonna center my application around my creativity (through cancer research, music, and writing)

Let me know what yall think. Stanford has been my dream for a couple years now, but I don’t know if I have a shot.

So you all have already decided to REA to Stanford? I have my top 3 that I want to REA to but I’m narrowing it down as I do more research on the colleges

I too am double minded between 2 colleges namely Stanford and Princeton. I will decide closer to the deadline. Which 3 colleges are you thinking about @dancer128 ??

Wow you make me scared of applying to Stanford. I’m applying and I’m nowhere near as good …

Does anyone know about the social culture at Stanford? I was looking at the virtual tour they uploaded and the campus looked so spread out and lonely. I know that sounds ridiculous to care about but is it hard to make friends and see people on campus?

@aliwu14 I have some friends that go to Stanford and they love it! They say that it’s easy to find a community because there are so many options and different housing that let you do that. Like there’s all frosh dorms but there’s also cultural houses and other things like that. Ik stanford’s campus is hugeee tho so I get where you’re coming from, but I think having a bike would make it easier to get around/visit people

Hi y’all! I’ve basically decided on applying to Stanford REA since I couldn’t visit any other campuses to decide if I want to ED elsewhere. I personally like their model of rejecting a majority of REAs instead of deferring because it keeps unrealistic hope out of the equation. A couple of my friends got into Stanford and LOVE IT for just how diverse the student body is–racially, geographically, intellectually, etc. Plus, Californian weather is just IT.
Since we’re all quarantined, I think it’d be a fantastic idea to start thinking about your common app essay/Stanford supplements. Please don’t stress out about chance me’s and stats/ECs – from what I’ve seen, Stanford looks for passion more so than demonstrable experiences, even though those might help a bit :slight_smile: Just be a wonderful person on the application and in real life and work on things you can control.
Best of luck everyone <3

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if I apply REA to Stanford, can I apply early decision II to other universities?

Yes @ziggyelrey12

Would appreciate it if you guys could chance me… Stanford is definitely a reach but it’s a dream school of mine! I would love to for Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies.

I go to an international school in Korea. No American citizenship. Class size around 100, but kids are insanely competitive.

Standardized Testing:
SAT 1: (not superscored; took it once) 1570 (770/800) and 22 for Essay.
SAT Subject: Math2 800, USH 800, expecting at least 750 for Bio E
AP: USH (5), taking Lang (expecting 5), Seminar (expecting 4), Biology (expecting 4 or 5)

GPA: unweighted 97.935/100 (Ranks aren’t out yet, but I’m predicting that I’m around the top 20%.) No weighted GPAs at my school.
Two seniors who I heard (just rumors though!) were not in the top 10% got into Stanford this year. Same goes for Columbia. They had outstanding EC’s, and I’m not sure if mine are at their level.

Coursework: AP policy at my school mandates that no freshmen can take APs. We are allowed to take 1 in 10th grade, 4 in 11th, and 5-6 in 12th.
Taking 5 APs senior year (Research, CompSci A, Psychology, Calc AB, Literature. Junior Year: AP Bio, AP Seminar, AP Lang. Sophomore year: AP USH.

EARCOS Global Citizen Award (Given to one junior at each school that’s part of a large number of East Asian international schools. The recipient is chosen by staff and administration based on the student’s attitude, work ethic, and academic standing. Comes along with the opportunity to apply for a $500 grant to use for charity projects.)

NHD Korea 1st place in Documentary (competing in nationals online this month; fingers crossed that I place.) Discussed the Korean comfort women.

Canada Embassy 150 Creative Writing Competition - Maple Leaf Award (A competition hosted by the Canadian embassy in Korea in celebration of their 150th anniversary)

Korea International Youth Olympiad (Creativity Olympiad) - Silver medal (STEM/innovation competition; it was a new competition and not very competitive but was sponsored by a few Korean companies. A lot of students from the Middle East to compete.)

Korean National Business Competition - Best speaker (Business competition sponsored by Naver, a big Korean company, and Maeil Business Newspaper; my team didn’t place, but I got the individual award)

A bunch of regional awards for Speech (Prose and Dramatic Interpretation) in varsity Forensics

The Prudential Spirit of Community Awards - Certificate of Achievement (A Korean-government issued certificate a few peers and I got for helping with the organization of a music concert for blind children.)

School activities:
Managing Editor for Yearbook (junior and senior year)
Founder of Creativity Club for Young Innovators (president during my junior year, senior advisor senior year)
EIC of Kaleidoscope Magazine (school literary magazine) (was a copy editor during junior year, advanced to EIC for senior year)
VP of Film Club
VP of Global Issues Network (GIN) Club (was the publicity director my jr. yr, advanced to VP for senior year)
Varsity Cheerleading (did it during junior year, probably will get in senior year)
Lead in Game of Tiaras (school production) (sophomore year)
Technical Director for You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown (school mini production)(sophomore year)
Costume director for Little Shop of Horrors (school production) - Costume director (junior year)
Hoping to get the lead in the upcoming play (The Nutcracker) during my senior year. Chances are decent.

Leader for English Translation Team for a book published by War and Women’s Human Rights Museum in Seoul (a museum dedicated to the Korean comfort women)
Docent Museum of War and Women’s Rights (volunteered around 20 hours a week during the summer after my sophomore year, will be volunteering this summer too)
Volunteered at Ask Listen Understand All together (ALUA) (the organization that helps blind children perform at concerts that I mentioned earlier)

I can say that I have a pretty strong rec coming from my AP USH/Seminar teacher who has visited the museum I work at. I’m not sure how strong my Precalc teacher’s rec will be, but he thinks I’m hard-working. I’m also getting a recommendation from my principal, who I’m guessing was a big factor as to why I got the EARCOS award over other students in my grade.

My “Spike”:
I basically want to revolve my essay around the work I did for the comfort women topic (an unresolved issue regarding Korean sex slaves for the Japanese Imperial Army during WW2). The book translation, docent work, NHD documentary—they all connect to it. Additionally, it’s an issue that is relevant to modern sexism and “relatable” to me as I am a woman living in Korea, an infamously sexist society.

Discovered that one 2024 admit had an ethical violation due to plagiarism last September. Anyone can google it. Does the admission process care? One would think they should uphold the basic standard.

you can’t apply EA to other private institution if the apply REA at Stanford, you may apply EA at public universities.

@ziggyelrey12 ,
No you can’t apply ED II at other school unless you are deferred by Stanford.

V. Restrictive Early Action Policy

It is Stanford policy that, if you apply to Stanford with a decision plan of Restrictive Early Action, you may not apply to any other private college/university under their Early Action, Restrictive Early Action, Early Decision, or Early Notification plan.
In addition, it is Stanford policy that you may not apply to any public university under an early binding plan, such as Early Decision.
If you apply to Stanford under Restrictive Early Action, you may apply to other colleges and universities under their Regular Decision plan.
If you apply to Stanford under Restrictive Early Action and your application is deferred, you may apply to another college’s Early Decision II plan. 

ryan0123456, in order for your arts supplement to be competitive and boost your application, you need to be very advanced (perhaps even nationally competitive) in your instrument. Just curious, what pieces are you planning to record for your arts supplement (I’m a violinist too!)?

@ryan0123456 I genuinely think you have a really good chance!!

Hi! Please chance me :slight_smile:

I’m a Hispanic female from NYC who is strongly considering REAing to Stanford Management Science and Engineering (economics/ business focus). My ‘story’ is that I am heavily involved in (with a passion to pursue) entrepreneurship, with an emphasis on social justice and tech.


  • 4.0 unweighted GPA (94.33/100)
  • 35 ACT (32 Math, 34 Science, 36 English, 36 Reading)
  • 9th and 10th grade Honors wherever possible
  • 11th and 12th full IB with 4 HLs

11th IB courses and grades:

  • Math A&A HL (95)
  • Comp Sci HL (99)
  • Lang & Lit HL (95)
  • History HL (96)
  • Chem SL (95)
  • Spanish SL (94)

Other full-credit summer courses:

  • Stanford Physics (expect a 95+)
  • Advanced Physics with Calculus (expect a 95+)
  • Economics

College For-Credit Classes:

  • UCSD Entrepreneurship + Leadership (B+)
  • Harvard Law & Psych (A)
  • Harvard Business & IP Law (A)

These are the top 10 that I will be listing:

  1. Founder/ President of a nonprofit that provides toiletries to NYC homeless (2 years) My essay will touch largely on this ^^^ it has 70+ members in 18 schools and has served thousands of people.
  2. Volunteer staff at soup kitchen after regular volunteer-work for a few years (5 years)
  3. Intern at Amazon Web Services to a global product manager, where I helped sales by researching clients and finding ways to improve their experiences (100h over 4 weeks)
  4. Co-Founder/ Co-President of Kids Who Code at my school where I taught middle schoolers basic HTML and CS (2 years)
  5. Spark Tank - startup incubator program where I launched my nonprofit and mentored other entrepreneurs (5 years)
  6. Google CodeNext - learned how AI works, how to code in CSS, C++, made basic AI models (3 years)
  7. UCSD credit-bearing entrepreneurship program where I learned about the structure of businesses and how to network, I was a student and afterwards a mentor (2 years)
  8. Captain of Varsity Volleyball Team and Club VB team where I managed team and outreach events (4 years)
  9. Class Head for Student Council - successfully led Zero-Waste and virtual peer tutor initiatives (3 years)
  10. Math Team (Starter in 10, 11, 12) - besides competing I would explain to members a competition problem every week (4 years)


  1. Diamond Challenge Finalist (startup competition - social innovation track) (international)
  2. AIME math competition qualifier (score - 4) (national)
  3. 1st place Google CodeNext Hackathon (national/ regional)
  4. National Hispanic Scholar (national)
  5. ACIS Volleyball Award (league player award, regional)</awards:>

I would say I’m a very good writer, and for my essay I plan to focus on my ability to combine social activism with entrepreneurship. Please let me know what areas I can improve in! Thank you!!!


im an international student from the UK. With Covid-19 i have found it imposssible to get a SAT/ACT test booked. As they are allowing applications without these test done do you think it will still affect their decision?

I’m applying REA… probably going to get rejected since I haven’t done anything remarkable… but if I somehow magically get deferred I’d be happy