Stanford Announces Admissions Statistics for class of 2024

Total Applicants: 45,227
Total Admits: 2,349
Total Enrolled: 1,607

Admit rate rises to 5.2% Applications decreased from prior year by 2,271. Yield rate fell to 68% which seems dramatic. These number are probably based on actual attendees and reflect summer melt.

You are calculating yield as attending / admitted.

I suspect many students took a gap year due to covid, which is driving the number of attended down. A secondary effect of covid is that more students have decided to stay near home, and therefore Stanford probably got fewer East Coast students than normal.

While true, I suspect Stanford took that into account. Historically admits are in the 2100 range to achieve a class size of 1700-1750. Regardless, admissions statistics for most selective colleges are an aberration for Class of 2024(and likely 2025).

My daughter is Stanford Class of 2024 and we were notified in September that at least 300 students decided to take a gap year. I can’t recall the exact number but I know it was a little bit over 300. Maybe another parent for class of 2024 can give the exact number.

378 students took a gap year