Stanford Class of 2024 (entering 2020), Regular Decision

Seems that the regular decision thread is missing, so I started it. Those who were not accepted in REA, are now regular RD as well. How is everyone doing?

Nervous ofc, how about you?

@BelieveMe My daughter applied. Previously, two of my sons were denied, one had SAT 1560, another SAT 1580. Both had two subject SAT tests, Math and Physics, at 800. Both had GPAs well above 4.0, and TONS of college dual enrollment courses. So, you know, we are nervous, but laughing at the same time. No one knows who they want, if they deny kids with practically absolute scores…

Hang on there!

Ditto, although your daughter and I are technically rivals, I would be remiss to not offer standard wishes for good fortune

When do RD decisions get released? TIA

RD released on April 1, really scared for it! Praying for a “likely” letter but I feel like that’s too much to ask for.
SAT 1580, Math 2 800, Chem 790, Physics 750, GPA 3.95/4.00, and I think my essays are really good as well (if anyone would like to read them, just reply to this. Let me know what you think when you’re done!) Recommendation letter Math 9/10, English 10/10, Counsellor 10/10.

  • attended Game Jam Titans Competition 2016 and 17, won first and second place. Was invited to attend NASSCOM, a country wide game conference in India. Was invited this year as well, but as a mentor for the winning Game Jam team. Leader of the school's VG club, Events Committee, and Assembly Committee. Also programmed in Spring Tool Suite for a project for our organization, and represented the school two years in a row for the programming competition.

Played the guitar and bass for six years - played for school performances, and raising awareness for Rally For Rivers, the world’s largest ecological campaign for saving India’s rivers. Also played for my organization’s prestigious business program.

Also played Varsity tennis for my school, and was part of the athletics team as well.
(Tho I will be class of 2026 - I have to serve two years in the Singapore army! They’ve said they’ll defer my seat if I get in.)

Let me know what you think of my chances!

Has everyone received the interview request yet? is no interview a bad sign?

@JKMSNJ I just got an interview request. I wouldn’t worry about it yet, there is a big window to do interviews. I am super nervous for mine though!

@threechimneys Congrats! My DS got the interview request the day after I posted here. I believe Stanford AOs read my post and sent him a request! haha!

My kid just got an interview request too. Yesterday. Had to cancel a skiing trip to free up a window…

Be sure to check your email for interview invitations…and be sure to respond and accept or decline optional interview as soon as possible. Good luck, everyone!

DS had his Stanford interview last week and was surprised by the questions interviewer asked him. He was asked what his test scores were, what other schools he applied to etc. Plus, the interviewer, a Stanford alum, was from a completely unrelated field and major . I’m not sure if this is more of an interviewer style or if Stanford provides guidelines a set of questions. Either way, DS was left scratching his head after the interview since none of his interviews with other schools. Any others have similar experiences?

MY daughter has a date for the interview, but it didn’t happen yet. However, my other kids had plenty of interviews with Ivy’s, MIT, etc. And here is what I can say.
The interviews by alums are set up NOT for the benefit of your kid. The results are NOT used in the admission decisions, unless there is something out of the ordinary, over the moon. (Many times I read complaints of the people conducting the interviews that none of the great kids they interviewed were getting accepted, and THEY had an impression that they have ZERO influence on the decisions.) So why are the interviews conducted int the first place? The answer is simple. The interviews are there to maintain the connection of the alums (conducting the interviews) with the school they graduated from. This increases the chances that these alums will donate money to the school, will participate int the graduated “community”, etc. With this approach, there is no wonder that the majors of the alums and the applicants do not match. The interview is a “blah-blah” event. Still the applicants have to come prepared, know the basic stuff, like why they chose their major, why they applied to this specific university, etc. Applicants should avoid having a bad impression on the alum, so that they do not become that exception, when the interview DID influence, and to the negative side.

@Kailash331 I’m a junior in highschool and am about to start writing my essays. Would be great if I could read yours for a guideline.

Never show your essays to a stranger on the internet. Flagging.

Son has EA acceptances to Caltech, MIT, and GT CS (as Stamps semifinalist), so we’re pretty chill.

Well, a bit nervous for the GT Stamps interviews, and unsure what outcome to wish for:-)

@TheVulcan Congrats to your son! I am watching two of my kids this season, daughter applying for bachelor (to a gazzilion of places), and son applying for PhD (also to a gazzilion of places). Another son is a freshman, so a couple more years before starting to worry again, and another daughter is already in the combined BS/Masters program, and doesn’t want to go for PhD, so I am done worrying there, I guess!

I’ve done alumni interviews for over a decade, and I think you omitted another important reason they exist which is to “sell” the school to applicants, thereby increasing yield.
To those of you applying: don’t sweat it if you don’t get an interview. As noted, they are a pretty insignificant part of the application. On the other hand, don’t do anything at your interview that would make you look like a potential axe murderer.

Does anyone know when likely letters come out?

I wonder if anyone from Georgia has received an interview invitation? I’m getting anxious about not hearing from the University at all