Stanford Class of 2025 Regular Decision

omg im going to baylor as well!! i turned down UNC, Northeastern, and Emory for baylor’s distinguished scholars’ program. if it’s your top school then don’t listen to the haters hahaha they’re just pressed loll


Ayyyyy sic 'em bears!! See you on campus!

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yuhhhh see you there!!

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My kid was at robotics all evening which is an hour away and came home to open yet another wait list or rejection… but it was a Stanford acceptance! We are all still surprised that she got into Penn after a TON of WLs and never dreamed that this last application would hold an acceptance. I think we are shell-shocked.


It’s super easy to be all judgey behind a keyboard but that thing we call “fit” in the US is hugely important and sometimes you can’t even articulate what it is. But when you have it, you know it! Don’t look back for a second!


Completely agree on “Fit.” Yesterday, my S21 got 5 rejections (Harvard, Yale, UPenn, Dartmouth, Cornell) and 1 waitlist (Princeton). Today, accepted to Stanford! We too are still processing. Such is this thing called college admissions! So happy for him.

He also got into UCB, UCSB, UC Davis, but waitlisted and UCLA, UCSD and UCI.

Accepted to Northwestern, Emory, Georgia Tech, UMich, Case Western, but waitlisted at Vandy, WashU, Tulane, Rice


If you are happy with you decision, that is what counts most. Congrats and I am sure you will do wonderfully at Baylor.

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please post the stats @amma1970

1580 SAT, 800 Math SAT 2, 780 Chem and History SAT 2. 99 UW, 107 W(no 4.0 scale here). NM scholar, lots of music EC’S, all state musician.

He was accepted to Stanford Earth, planning to study environmental/earth science.


Forget what everyone says. Do what you love. Congrats on finding that!


Did any international get accepted?

Sure, though with a caveat, that stats only tell a very small part of any student’s app.
UGPA: 3.92
WGPA: 4.67
SAT: 1560
APs a combination of 3 (last year’s unusual format), 4, 5
10 APs, 6 Honors
Research at UCSF
National Merit Commended
Regional/National/International vocal awards
Very strong ECs including significant leadership both in school, singing and athletics
Very strong vocalist (and submitted portfolio) though planning to study life science subject
Varsity soccer/Club soccer
Excellent/very specific essays about his passions
We are sure, very strong LOR (including from the research prof)
Indian American (not a URM, or First Gen)
No interview

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Any idea what the acceptance rate was this year?

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They don’t publicize acceptance rates anymore, but they’re required to include it in their Common Data Set, which is released later in the year. My personal guess is maybe 2-3 percent? Most colleges have had decreasing acceptance rates this year, and Stanford in a normal year accepts about 4-5 percent. Hope this helps!


Sorry I’m so late to the discussion but I was accepted! I applied REA and was deferred, and then I was just accepted a few days ago. I truly think it was my essays that held a lot of weight in my admission. I had good stats and good EC’s, but I wasn’t national merit, I didn’t start a non-profit, and I wasn’t captain of 5 clubs or anything.


Congrats! I second your take on essays. Just about all of my ECs were activities available at school, and I applied test optional, so I definitely wasn’t expecting to get in. However, Stanford’s essays were the ones I enjoyed writing the most, and I spent the most time on them. They allowed me to be creative and show several aspects of my personality. Meanwhile, I didn’t get into the schools where I spent very little time writing my essays.

The last 2 posts by @bigo128 and @CandleJ0y really bring home the point that the more experienced, and imo knowledgeable posters (with a respectful nod to lookingforward), have always emphasized, it is about fit for the selective/holistic colleges and the story the applicant presents to each college on why and how the fit is mutual. The only thing that is observable are test scores, grades, classes, maybe a list of EC’s with roles. The essays and LoR’s are not visible, and even for applicants, they have no idea the relative strength of these components with competing applicants. For the life of me, I just don’t understand kids thinking there will be optimal results applying to more than 6 disparate reaches which require school specific essays and short answers.

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There are two highly selective colleges where the essays are known to be especially important, even pivotal, to the application. One is University of Chicago. The other is Stanford. For those who want more information, there are plenty of helpful (and free) tips online regarding writing essays for these schools.

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Hello! My child was rejected and she was ok with it. But she tutors some of the kids for free and helps others in the elderly community a whole lot. Some of these folks have asked me to consider reaching out to Stanford admins to have them reconsider her application. She will otherwise not be able to help them with her current university selection. Is it worthwhile … looking at the FAQ they do NOT consider. Thoughts?

Not sure what you mean by this. Are you saying you live in the Palo Alto area and her chosen school is somewhere else? This would not be compelling to Stanford (doubt anything would be in this context). If service was a big part of her priorities, she can pick up similar volunteer work where she is going. If this is specific to certain people where you live, she can continue to help these people during the summers.

An appeal will get nowhere. Better to fully move on and embrace where she is going. I am sure it is a great alternative.