stanford online high school admissions 2021


so i’m looking to apply to stanford online high school for the 2021-2022 school year full time. it would be my junior year. i’ve never had below a 95 in a class.

here’s my problem. since i’m homeschooled, i do two grades a year so i don’t know what to submit. i would only have tenth grade completed a little. should i still submit what i have done for that? or just submit 8th and 9th.

also, what do you think about taking the SAT this year because of the virus? i could take tests like the IOWA and the COGAT which you can purchase and do at home.

ninth grade
-honors english 9
-honors math 3
-honors biology
-ap world history
-honors chemistry
-honors precalc
-chinese 1
-honors environmental science

tenth grade
-honors english 10
-honors physics
-honors calc 1
-ap calc ab
-ap english
-chinese 2

j term
-ap microeconomics
-ap statistics

memorial day to july
-chinese 3
-ap psych
-ap gov
-ap physics c

also, what can i do know to increase my chances to get in. i have lacrosse, a black belt, and a band award. what should i do to improve?