Stanford ULO Math & Physics vs University of Michigan Non-Degree - Dual Enrollment for Math

I have the following options for taking dual enrollement math:

  1. Stanford Pre-Collegiate University-Level Online Math & Physics - continuing studies credit (not the same as Stanford University credit but is recognized as a university-level institution in and of itself), courses with other highschool students
  2. University of Michigan as a non-degree student - college credit, courses with undergraduate students

For both options I will be taking Modern Algebra. Correct me if I am wrong, but, I believe I am more likely to recieve transfer credit from option 2.

My question is: would undergraduate admissions have a preference between the two? If so, why one over the other?

There may be a few colleges that give you credit for the UM course but not the other. What is more likely is that you don’t get credit for either. It depends upon what college you ultimately attend.

I see. Which program do you think will give me a higher chance of admission at top schools?

One class doesn’t make a difference. Where you take that one class matters even less