Stanford Waitlist Class of 2024

I accepted a spot on the waitlist, but I’m thinking about committing to either Amherst or Middlebury College for now. While doing some research online, the first wave of decisions for those on the waitlist usually come the second week of May.

With regards to the 500 character limit, I briefly described the extracurricular activities I participated in before the outbreak. I won’t be submitting any additional letters of recommendation, interests letters, or resumes because they discouraged us from doing it.

I don’t think people have heard back already.

Do certain majors have a higher chance of getting off the waitlist than others? Also how do you guys think corona will impact our chances of getting off?

@JakeW123 I was wondering the same thing. Stanford is my top choice over all other waitlists I’m on, and I’m worried that my major already has enough people that accepted. What is your major?

I think OOS students will be less likely to attend. So if you’re OOS I do think you’ll have a better chance of getting off the waitlist. Stanford is probably looking for a diverse student body.

@saarinen I applied as a humanities major.

I applied as an Architecture major. Does anyone know how we might hear of who has gotten off the waitlist and what their demographics might be for picking people off the waitlist?

Everybody say your majors, I applied as biology.

Poly Sci

Comp Sci

Public Policy Major. I have committed to USC, but really hoping to get off the waitlist at Stanford.

I applied as a Bio major

I applied as an Architecture major

oh and we should do where we’re committed too. I’m committed to penn.

i applied as a psychology major and I think I’m gonna commit to Berkeley! On the waitlist for UCLA, Stanford, and UCI, however all 3 schools I’d choose in a heartbeat over Cal

I applied as an econ major! I’m still not sure where I’m going to commit (rip - I have 5 days left), but I’m deciding between Northwestern and UCB!

public policy major and committed to williams! someone from stanford viewed my linkedin profile in the last week. doubt it’s related, but way to get my hopes up …

some of my friends got their waitlist decisions back from stanford! :slight_smile:

You mean Stanford accepted them off the waitlist already? Seems odd to do that before the May 1 deadline for accepted student decisions, unless a lot of people are turning them down.

@kook2323 wow! did they get in, or were they rejected?

@kook2323 are you sure?? In recent years, they haven’t ever released decisions before 2nd week of may.