Stanford Waitlist Class of 2025

Hey everyone!

Didn’t see a thread for this so I thought I’d create one.

Looking at the common data set, last year they let off nearly 36% of applicants off the waitlist due to gap year students, but then again, last year was pretty unprecedented.

Their class size this year will be 400 students larger than usual (article), so I’m not quite as optimistic about the chances :((, but what are you all’s thoughts on this?

I too had this concern. I was waitlisted and despise the idea of having to attend Columbia. I wouldn’t expect much from Stanford. Your second point would be the primary reason why! Goodluck!

I imagine with the class being +400 there is not much of a need to call on waitlist students. I will always remain hopeful but the statistics don’t lie :frowning:

Best of luck to everyone!

i also got waitlisted! when they say there will be a decision by july 1st does that mean before? anyone else kind of worried about waiting that long? I want to build relationships with the students from the schools i got accepted to and just move on, but i feel sort of silly

It does seem like a lot of waiting but the chances of getting pulled from the waitlist are pretty slim to begin with. If you are interested, submit your spot on the waitlist and then continue to build relationships at the other schools. If you find a professor or friend at a different school that your not willing to leave behind you can always turn down the Stanford Offer.

Just my personal opinion but I also understand the stress of waiting that long. Good luck on your decision!

Yes Stanford starts sending the offer right after the Decision Day (usually May 1st or so but this year it’ll be a bit late), maybe a week after.

thank you! i completely agree, and i really appreciate you taking the time to help :)))

wow really! that seems so much sooner than i expected

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I was looking at last year’s waitlist tread and some didn’t receive their decisions until August! But of course last year was quite unorthodox especially with so many students deciding to take a gap year…

I imagine we will not see anything like that this year.

i’m surprised that more people aren’t on this thread! do you guys know where you might be committing to in the meantime? but also i know some people arent comfortable sharing, so completely understand that

aww I wish you the best wherever you go! i have two friends at columbia that absolutely love it, and they are really kind :))

hey guys! I’m an intl student who also got waitlisted. I was reading somewhere that although the number of gap students have increased, Stanford would still be admitting 1700 students for this academic year, unlike the Ivies.

anyways, we’re among the 1% who ended up on the waitlist. SO CHEER UP LADS

LOVE that attitude! you’re incredible! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Do you all think the yield will go down this year? With more people shotgunning colleges this year (and maybe some people taking gap years)? Probably not as drastic as previous years but I’m still holding onto that little ray of hope :((.

Are you all submitting a loci on your portal? I know they don’t want us to email anything but I’m wondering if that would be overkill combined with the 500 characters, they don’t seem like they want much more

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wait :(( this is probably a silly question, but what is the 500 characters thing about? i wasnt sure where to find information on what stanford wants waitlists to upload, is that information on their website? so sorry for the questions

On the waitlist response form there was an option to submit a 500 character update on test scores and other new info, it was optional

oohhhhhhh okay thank you so much!

Just curious what are you all majoring in? I’m doing Symbolic Systems

Science, Technology, and Society (STS) Major