Stanford Waitlist Class of 2025

Omg ahhh! Thanks for the information.

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Just curious what are you all doing to kill time :eyes:, just anxiously waiting kinda sucks tbh

Trying to focus on academics and a research project I am working on. When I find myself getting down I revert to writing lots of bad poetry! lol
Here is one for all my fellow waitlisted students:

Wish for the stars, shoot for the moon
Told we’ll soon burst from this cocoon
Spring brings sweet dreams now coming true
But not for a butterfly like you

Your hope continues to persist
Because you made Stanford’s waitlist
Like a seedling its taking root
Though chances are so destitute

What is the price to change the world?
Risk it all to see dreams unfurled
But as long as any chance remains
The fight to prove oneself sustains


awww I LOVE your poem! but i also feel that the wait is just really getting to me. I like puzzles, youtube, i wanna get into painting, and I’ve been trying to make summer plans so that I at least have something to look forward to :)) I’m also incredibly behind in school, but that just makes everything so much worse

I’m really trying to love the school I matriculated to - and luckily, it’s pretty easy! They have such a good pre-law track, I’m getting so excited!

(It’s Colorado College btw!) What are your guys?

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YAY I am so excited for you!!! I really was considering pre-law for the longest but I think its because I have a ridiculous obsession with criminal minds, law & order, and htgawm

I committed to hopkins for public health :)) I would really recommend searching for the restaurants, coffee shops, and shops nearby campus, its super fun

it’s suits for me… :blush:

Absolutely! It is pretty rough waiting! I have been mixing it up and doing a lot of art (watercolor, poetry, music) as a pretty technical person it has been a nice change. I really get the overwhelmed comment too. It seemed like applying for college/scholarships was a full time job and I fell behind in so many things! I am so excited to branch out and go to college though. Good luck!

I am heading to Willamette University. They are literally right across the street from the Oregon State Capitol so it is a great place for pre-law. I am interested in Environmental Science/Law so we will see where I end up after my 4 years. Probably some combination of minor/major or double major. Best of luck with your future endeavors!

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i feel the same way! i love watercolor too it is so therapeutic! but I love Willamette i had a friend there who had such a great time

That is amazing, what a small world! I was worried that going to a less prestigious school that not many people knew about would hurt my career so it gives me faith that at least someone else knows of Willamette. They have been so supportive and have really pulled through in terms of financial aid so I felt like I couldn’t say no. I am really looking forward to this fall wherever I end up :slight_smile:

no there is absolutely nothing to worry about! the opportunities at Willamette are great and financial aid is such a huge factor, so I am so glad they have been supportive in that sense! plus portland is only an hourish away which is super cool. i am so excited for you!!! wishing you the best always :)))

I’ve heard great things about Willamette, and the people I know that go there are SO nice and accepting. You’re gonna do great!

Thank you everyone for your support and kind words! It means so much to me in this confusing time :slight_smile:

Sorry, a little off topic… but does anyone know if it’s true that Stanford releases their first wave of waitlist acceptances shortly after transfer decisions come out?

Honestly I don’t think anyone knows anything for sure. Lots of speculation and basing dates off of previous years decisions. It does seem like they usually announce sometime mid May.

I see. Thank you.

Anyone else leaping at every phone call they get! I literally sprinted for my phone, saw an unrecognized phone number, heart racing I picked it up just to be greeted by the cheerful voice of a nurse scheduling my dental appointment lol

this poem is EVERYTHING!! i love it so much and it kinda helps calm my nerves. i would say to keep returning to writing poetry when you are discouraged, it really displays a state of simultaneous uncertainty and hope that a waitlist puts us in :))

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