Stanford Waitlist - Class of 2026

how long after decision day does it usually take before stanford sends out offers to those on waitlist? Has anyone talked to admissions?

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anyone have any updates on the waitlist?

It’s the 4 pm PST on the second Thursday of May now, anyone has any news?

Nothing here yet

nothing on my end

Guys any news from Stanford. It is getting annoying now!

I haven’t heard anything either on any social media platform and it’s stressing me out. I at least wanna know if the first wave was sent out

Any news guz?

Nothing here

I just saw that Harvard had some rejections yesterday and limited acceptances from waitlist. At this point, has anyone seen anything anywhere that stanford is at least doing some waitlist cleanup?

they just updated it

Son got update—it’s a no. Committed to Cal!

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I am on the extended waitlist… is this a good sign or should my hopes still be low?

DD also on extended waitlist too ( but chances are still really really low)

anyone have any updates on the waitlist?