Stanford Waitlist - Class of 2026

Got waitlisted by Stanford this year. See there isn’t a thread so I just created one


Well, do you hope to get accepted or not?

2021-2022 Waitlist stats:
Number of qualified applicants offered a place on waiting list: 652
Number accepting a place on the waiting list: 535
Number of wait-listed students admitted: 61


What is the process for waitlist?

Accept the waitlist spot
School review and make a decision
Receive a decision if accepted; no response if no more offer to give?
Is the accepted decision binding?


In terms of the process, you accept or decline the wait-list offer. If you accept, you should still accept another college’s admission offer understanding that you will likely lose your deposit if you get off a WL.

The wait-list is not ranked. Stanford pull from the waitlist as needed to fill institutional need. If they only need Black males to balance the class, that’s what they will pull.

If offered a WL spot, they will contact you and give you a short period of time to accept or reject the offer. If you are not offered a WL spot, you will likely get no further communication until they say the WL is closed.

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Thank you!

What is EL?

A typo, since corrected

Thank you!

Thanks for creating this thread. I know the chances are very small for my son to get off the waitlist and he will be committing to Cal so either way, he will be in the Bay Area. But, he would love the lottery ticket if it presents itself.


i wonder what the chances will be like this year. 2 years ago it was super high because of gap years, and last year mightve been low bc of those who deferred their enrollment.

Wondering how many people get waitlisted this year. Does it neccessary that the offer of waitlisting need to be submitted asap to increase the chance?

Stanford only takes a small number—on the faqs, it said 1% of applicants are given the choice for waitlist. Past years seem to be around 800ish people.

Haha I’m also going to Cal if not going to get off the waitlist by Stanford. Hope to see your son there!

I looked over the official Stanford admission documents and here are the stats I found for the previous admission cycles
Screen Shot 2022-04-13 at 14.03.02

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Same as my son! Accepted waitlist at Stanford and committing to Cal!

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Hi Guys, thanks for creating this thread. I am a female international student and also on the Stanford WL. I am the first one from my family to do undergraduate studies in the US so I am less familiar with the process. Does any one have an idea about the following :

  1. When do they begin to send offers of acceptance to the WL kids? While the WL offer letter says before July 1, do they wait that long to offer acceptances?
  2. The WL acceptance data for the past 5 years show huge range? Any chance how many are they going to accept from the WL this year?
  3. If accepted, do they offer you your major of choice? If not then how easy is it to change majors in Stanford?

Thanks once again for creating this thread and I look forward to answers if anyone can help.

Hello! I I’m also a female international and in fact, I’m the first of my family to attend college. For your questions, I don think there are any official data out there but I can provide some very limited answer

  1. from the last few years’ experiences, I believe they are sending out offers from Mid May after the transfer result are out. You can double-check by looking up the previous years’ threads and it’s really hard to summarize a trend.
  2. Apparently there is a huge range. No one knows what’s gonna happen this year and what people are doing is simply speculating.
  3. I don’t think there’s any “offering you a spot for another major” story happening in the previous years. For changing majors questions I think you can just google it, look upon the official Stanford websites, or an online forum like Reddit.

Hope both of us can get off the list :wink:

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I can answer your question about majors. You are admitted to Stanford, not to any particular “school” or major within Stanford. Once admitted to Stanford, you can take classes and explore interest. You don’t have to declare your major until Spring Quarter of your Sophomore year. It is not hard to change your major. You can go in Thinking you will be a mechanical engineering major and end up being an English major. This academic freedom is one of the reasons my D chose Stanford—at some of her other options she was admitted into a particular major and it was hard to switch. Stanford does not work that way.

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Thanks Lisa for your perspective. I hope so too. It is so annoying to be in this limbo. Of course I have accepted a very good offer which was my #1 target school but then Stanford is a “dream” school. Fingers crossed.

Thank you for your insights. Congratulations to your D for securing admission in Stanford. I am waiting to hear from them.

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