Stanford writing supplement

<p>I don't read books. What should I write on stanford writing supplement which asks for favourite authors and books.
can put my textbooks (NCERT ones)
And should I put Atif Aslam (non-English artist) in my favourite musicians and movies from my own country Inida?
I rarely watch English movies.</p>

<p>Seriously…I am sure you must read something outside of your textbooks…comics, religious texts, self-help books, philosophy, sociology…I am not sure you will survive Stanford if you do manage to get in.</p>

<p>ok i will improve that
but tell me now what should i do?</p>

<p>The whole point of asking is to get an idea of your personality. The actual names are not relevant, the types are. So Atif Islam’s name is not as relevant as the type of songs he sings. Same goes for movies and books if you believe people may not be familiar with those names.</p>

<p>Atif aslam aint indian :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: XD
Just kidding</p>

<p>So go with someone INDIAN… maybe a legend? U ppl got a lot of legends who are known worldwide and i am quite sure u listen to any one of them</p>

<p>It won’t actually matter whether they know about the artists you put in. There is a fair chance that they won’t even know the name of the hollywood movie you wrote. So just write what you trully feel is your favourite. You are trying to contradict the main application method “Write what you think, not what the admissions officer want you to think”</p>

<p>Write anything that doesnt contradict with your application. Adcoms hate red flags. Don’t write anything for the sake of writing, like the name of a music legend. Go wit something tat you like.
I know a lot of people at Stan who wrote pretty bizarre things in their roommate essays, but they still got in. Why ? Because they were true for them.</p>