Starting to Get Ipad Envy :(

<p>Went to a meeting yesterday and 3 out of 8 people had one. Propped up all cute in their sweet cover/stands.</p>

<p>Commercials are on TV.</p>

<p>Contests are advertising Ipads as the prize. I entered one here at work, hoping I might win!</p>

<p>People in my extended family have them and even the kids use them.</p>

<p>I. WANT. ONE. !!!!! :)</p>

<p>I just can't really justify it, but boy would I love that toy. I would use it for work. I would use it at home. I don't have a smartphone so it could take the place of that. </p>

<p>This is certainly a whine and not the biggest issue going on in my world. But just had to get it off my chest!</p>

<p>Anyone else having IPAD ENVY????</p>

<p>"I just can't really justify it"</p>

<p>Try harder. Just think of all the women who justify $1200 shoes.</p>

<p>The IPAD is the best thing since sliced bread.</p>

<p>Dh got one through work, and I like it fine -- in some ways, love it -- but there also are a few quirks that really bug me.*</p>

<p>*trying to help you get over your envy</p>

<p>I think I would grab my iPad before almost anything before running out of a burning building. Get one!</p>

<p>I've seen the iPad one at discount stores for $499. A steal!</p>

<p>At any price, I love my iPad! Never leave home without it. Can't wait for the 3 to come out!!</p>

<p>The one thing that makes me crazy is how poor the spell correction is. While writing quickly on sites like this I can't believe some of the word substitutions it makes.</p>

<p> are apparently the same people who "helped" me when I had Nook envy last year....and I promptly ended up getting one!</p>

<p>Maybe after the Christmas bills are paid off.....?????</p>

<p>I thought $499 WAS the price? For the wireless, not 3G?</p>

<p>My daughter thinks she wants one for work as she travels a good bit. I have been keeping my eye out on the prices, as I am the purchaser for our home! Target currently has all the models for retail price, but they are offering a $75 Target gift card with purchase. A local computer store, Micro Center has it for $50 off, which Target was willing to match. Plus, if you buy with a Target card you get another 5% off.</p>

<p>As my daughter is paying for this herself using what money she accrues for Hanukkah, she still hasn't decided if it is worth the price. She needs the one with 3G for her travel, and as she said, there are many other thinks she might rather spend the money on.</p>

<p>I decided to go ahead and buy the one at Target as I think this price might be the best we can do. We have 45 days to return, so she has plenty of time to decide. Unfortunately they didn't have a white, but I can swap it out when they get more in, which I guess will be next week after the sale. If the price drops within the 45 days, we will rebuy.</p>

<p>499 gets u the IPAD 2, plenty of storage for the price..i have had one for a year,my D3,11 yrs old, has one..we bought D1 and D2 for Xmas...Apple was giving 10% off recently AND free financing for 12 months..just make sure u pay it off;)</p>

<p>I should have mentioned in my above post that the Target $75 gift card is for an iPad 2 with 3G; the ones with wifi only receive a $50 gift card with purchase.</p>

<p>I should also mention that if my daughter decides not to buy this one, I am so tempted to keep it for myself! I won't really as I don't need it and it would be yet another toy for the home. My husband is the one that would love it, so I might rethink keeping it, but without the 3G; we would only need the wifi. That said, I don't need to encourage him to play on the computer any more than he does ;)</p>

<p>If you store your music, you should probably get the mid-range storage. They are the best sellers. 32 gigs.</p>

<p>I am actually planning to buy ipad within a few weeks. Any good deals out there? I missed the Apple 10% off. Target is not a bad idea. Is this a local deal or applies to all Targets?</p>

<p>Another question for people who have ipad with 3G. I will probably get the AT&T one (my cell phone carrier) for my D. My concern is - how do I ensure that she doesn't ran sky-high bills for data usage? AT&T has prepaid and post-use plans. Which one is better?</p>

<p>Thanks for your responses.</p>

<p>I would pass on 3g, wifi is almost everywhere, and if you are worried about trips,etc just download movies or books in advance..if you have an Iphone you could tether it to the Ipad and get connected taht way</p>

<p>And the cloud eliminates storage concerns</p>

<p>^^only caution about Cloud is if you share your apple account among more than one person in your family....the cloud co-mingles them.....</p>

<p>H didn't know and ended up with ALL my 18 yr old's contacts on his iPhone.......and vice-versa....</p>

<p>And if you create a new apple account, you lose all your iTunes......not a great alternative</p>

<p>Same thing with iPad.....I love it and have the $499 one but can't use Cloud</p>

<p>Had the EXACT same problem, a reminder i was due at a meeting in 15 minutes,lol...actually was for DW,lol....also got all kinds of preteen contacts from D3 ...way around this is use dropbox or spotify</p>

<p>Thanks for the advice....I will advise the family.......haha</p>

<p>And honestly, i don't need the cloud...have little music on Ipad, so 16 gb is way more then i will ever use...</p>

<p>We have two of them, an iPad 1, and an iPad 2. The 2 is 3G. Both get used quite a bit in our household.</p>

<p>^^ditto.........but advice will def help the rest of the clan.....</p>

<p>To the OP: you may want to go to the Apple geeks to see which iPad is best for you before buying at Target etc.....</p>