Starting up an Egyptian Club...

<p>My school has tons of clubs, many of which are ethnic clubs. The one thing thats missing is Egyptian club. There arent many Egyptians in my school, but my friend who is wants to start one with my help (I am not Egyptian). How can I make this club marketable to the kids in my school? We need to get a certain amount of signatures from kids who say they are interested in the club and may join next year in order to be approved and get a moderator. What sort of things can Egyptian club do? One thing for sure is at the end of the year the school has "International night" where the clubs perform dances and bring in food to be served. What kind of dances should we do? I was thinking as a joke we could do "Walk like an Egyptian" hehe</p>

<p>Sounds like a good idea...try to find an adviser for the club first :)</p>

<p>Hmmm maybe you should change it to something like "middle-eastern club" then it could be more versatile. You could do things like:</p>

<p>-sharing middle-eastern food <3 (especially lebanese's amazing!)</p>

<li>Mid-east culture</li>

<p>-discussions about controversial political topics??! (e.g. gaza)</p>

<li>Learn how to speak Arabic...?</li>

<p>-You could also have movie nights or mini-parties every month held with a certain theme/different country ...</p>

<p>-Introduce some arabic music??! I <33 Nancy Ajram , Elissa, Haifa Wehbe,Carole Samaha & Amr Diab just to name a few :]</p>