State schools in Ohio

<p>We all know about CCM, Capital, Oberlin, B-W and CIM. But what about Bowling Green or Kent State or Ohio State? Particularly for commercial music/music business/music industry/music technology and Jazz voice? </p>

<p>My daughter has started her college list (focus on popular music/commercial voice) but it is woefully lacking in safety schools: USC Thornton, Belmont, Miami Frost, Denver Lamont, UC Denver, and NYU. these are reaches for ANY student due to competitiveness - not to mention price. Need to find financial safeties for her so we want to know about the State schools here in Ohio. </p>

<p>Again, this is not classical voice or opera - strictly popular/jazz voice or music business/production only. Thanks!</p>

<p>I've heard that Bowling Green has wonderful facilities, especially for electronic music, etc.</p>

<p>CCM has a new Commercial Music major that sounds like it would be right up your alley.</p>

<p>Admission</a>, University of Cincinnati</p>

<p>EDIT: Silly me, you said you knew about CCM. Move along...nothing to see here... :)</p>

<p>Yep, she's interested in that one. CCM is so tough to get into. We have a lot of confidence based on her track record, but I don't want "gap year" to be her backup plan if USC Thornton doesn't pan out!</p>

<p>Check out the new Wolfe Center going up at BGSU.....I believe it's to be the center of their music technology/production curriculum</p>

<p>BGSU</a> :: The Wolfe Center for the Arts ::</p>