Stereotypes About Your State, School or Country?

<p>Stereotypes are always fun when done in jest. And when there's an ounce of truth to them, it's a fun way of learning more about the environment that other people (or you, yourself) live in.</p>

<p>This thread is to post some stereotypes about your state, school (can be HS or the college you are attending/plan to attend) or, if you are not from the USA, your country as a whole.</p>

<p>Perhaps I will start:</p>

<p>*Country: *Dumb, Fat, Militaristic, Ambitious, Consumerist, Nuanced </p>

<p>State: Beer, Cheese, Snow, Beef</p>

<p>HS: Religious, Athletic, Snobbish, Conservative</p>

<p>College (that I plan on attending): Parties, Drinking, Pale-skinned (but attractive) women, Science-Focused, Competitive, Sports-Crazed, Athletic, Displaced Chicago kids**</p>

<p>Have fun, but please don't post anything that would get this thread deleted (such as blatantly racial remarks, fueled arguments etc.)</p>

<p>Country = islands,old people,lazy,fat,coffee</p>

<p>HS = agriculture,stupid kids,poor kids</p>

<p>College = hippie,weed,nature,artsy</p>

<p>Is your college Reed College, per chance? Is it even in the US? I'll guess again if that's the case.</p>

<p>State: Lobster, moose, forest, hillbilly type people</p>

<p>HS: Sporty but not particularly good academically, which I would disagree with (MDI can suck it)</p>

<p>College: It's the hippy school of the Ivy League, which makes it a normal college</p>

<p>Hmm... Your college has got to be Brown, but your state's got me stumped. </p>

<p>Hillbillies AND Lobster AND Moose...? It's either Maine or...Washington State maybe?</p>

<p>State: horses, hillbillies, no shoes, bourbon</p>

<p>HS: "rich kid" school, only athletic when it comes to lacrosse and soccer</p>

<p>Not in college</p>

<p>haha they have lobster in Washington?</p>

<p>I always assumed those were things people thought of when they thought of Maine, although come to think of it, Washington and Alaska also kind of have those things</p>

<p>No, I guess they probably don't have a significant lobster fishing industry in Washington State. I'm counting it though because I was pretty much right about Maine, correct? And I know Brown is right so:</p>

<p>My current score: 2</p>

<p>@helloel </p>

<p>Your state is Kentucky?</p>

<p>You are correct.</p>

<p>State: home of the orange people, saying short o's as aw, as in dawg.</p>

<p>HS: Middle-class suburb kids. High in athletics, somewhat low in academics.</p>

<p>State: cows, beef, pathetic, dairy products, state fair, grain, agriculture, freezing, blizzards!
School: getto, inner city, strong divide between rich and poor.</p>


<p>Hey guys, I found some cool maps dealing a bit with stereotypes. Tell me, do you agree or disagree?</p>

<p>US</a> States by TV Shows</p>

<p>US</a> States by College Sports Fanbases</p>

<p>US</a> States by Pro-Baseball Fanbases</p>

<p>US</a> States by NFL Fanbases</p>

<p>@Mjosephine You are a fellow Wisconsinite if I ever heard of one. Greetings.</p>

<p>State: Florida
Stereotype: We are all retired or preppy old money</p>

<p>State: Snow, cold, no one knows this state
HS: Athletic, ignorant, dumb
College: expensive, selective, most expensive college in the state *hint hint</p>

<p>State: Rude and pushy, which we are. ;P</p>

<p>High school: We have a baaad reputation...</p>

<p>Hmm... "no one knows this state"...North Dakota? lol</p>

<p>Is the college in the same state as the "state"?</p>

<p>State: Split between three regions; one, the metropolitan, populated, culturally devoid part; two, the genteel, rural, slightly backwoods part; and three, the poor, industrial, densely populated, and humid part. Bonus points to whoever can name the three regions.</p>

<p>High School: Middle class, dominant football and tennis but poor overall athletics, fairly nondescript. </p>

<p>College: (tentative, but probably attending) Politically and internationally focused, religiously affiliated but very diverse</p>

<p>^College is Georgetown, I'm about 85% confident in this one. </p>

<p>State is more confusing... could be California, Illinois, New York or Pennsylvania perhaps?</p>