Stevenson school vs. Cate school

<p>I'm applying to both and I would like to know about the students in each school? What is dorm life like? I don't want to be locked up so I want to know how fun the school is particularly on the weekends and what we are allowed to do? What are the dorms like and is the opposite sex allowed in each others dorms? Are there any stereotypes in each school? Are there snobby kids and what are the students like? P.s. I'm from Miami</p>

<p>Please help</p>

<p>Have you visited yet?</p>

I'm a student at Stevenson right now...and I am just bored because it thanksgiving, and I typed in my school's name on google to find this haha.</p>

<p>I guess I'll answer your question.</p>

<p>To be very honest I really like Stevenson, I also toured Cate and Webb (in California) and a few east coast schools (Andover, Exeter, Deerfield, St. Paul's) when I was in the process of applying to boarding schools.</p>

<p>I chose Stevenson (over Andover, Webb etc. etc.) because of the very laid back (yet somewhat competitive) attitude it had on academics, and the beautiful campus, weather, and scenery. </p>

<p>So to your specific questions: </p>

<p>Dorm life is awesome in my opinion. It's something that you think will be scary and weird at first, but our school's system is(and I know most schools' systems are) rather laid back.
Boys and Girls usually share a dorm, but there are 2 dorms that are not co-ed (Wilson and Douglas). That doesn't mean boys and girls can't go into each others dorms, but it means that they are limited to the common room. At Stevenson, as is the case with almost all high school boarding schools, Boys are not allowed in girls' rooms and girls are not allowed in boys' rooms, but all students can hang out in the common rooms of dorms.</p>

<p>Also usually students at Stevenson will just hang out on the fields when it's sunny, or hang out in Rosen, which is a building dedicated for the very purpose of hanging out (though the underground floor is used for classes).</p>

<p>There is a lot of freedom at Stevenson, and I was surprised at how much freedom you are given by the school. Throughout the week and during the weekends students can leave campus (but not during school hours of course) at anytime they want. However, students have to sign out to wherever they are going, write down how they are going there and the time they leave. When you get back it's necessary that you sign in. Also students have to be on campus during weekdays by 6:45 pm, because every night students must do a "dinner check-in" that occurs from 5:45pm-6:45pm. This is the same during the weekends, but you can leave after dinner check in on the weekends.</p>

<p>On the weekends there are usually a dozen or so activities going on campus, that are held by either prefects (who are like RAs,(older students who lay down the law)) or faculty members. Off campus, there is a shuttle from 6:45pm on Fridays, every hour until 9:45pm, taking and bringing students on and off campus. These hourly shuttles run on Saturday from 12:30pm to night, and on Sundays from 12:30pm to 5:45pm. </p>

pretty much.
Stevenson students are often stereotyped by students from other school as "snobby", but I think that notion comes because we attend private school, not because we are actually snobby people (or at least that is what I believe)</p>

<p>I think Cate is very similar to Stevenson ( I have friends there and I also toured/considered going there) in that they have a nice campus, nice weather and nice students. </p>

<p>I think some differences are that:</p>

<li>their buildings are a little older than Stevenson's </li>
<li>Our facilities are newer, </li>
<li>They have HAMMOCKS in the dorms (and that is the main reason I almost chose Cate over Stevenson)</li>

<p>Pretty much.</p>

<p>In my opinion neither school is super intense, but they both have a mix of intense and non-intense students, and both have great educational opportunities.</p>

<p>I chose to come to Stevenson because of its weather, beauty and laid back (yet rigorous) attitude. After coming here, what I find is that it is beautiful (though sometimes it gets rather foggy), it is laid back, but moreover, what I marvel the most about Stevenson are its students.</p>

<p>I chose Stevenson because of its students. Our students are not like students that go to some other boarding schools. Not everyone is going to go to Harvard or Stanford, but for the most part what I find is that everyone grows extremely strong when it comes to realms of morality, acceptance and virtue. </p>

<p>When I first came to Stevenson I was afraid of bullying, stereotyping etc. I didn't think I'd get along with anyone, or any of the "jocks" or "popular people". What I found for the most part is that everyone is free to talk with anyone else here. People are very accepting and very conscious of one another. The teachers are like family members to us students, and students are in many ways, like brothers and sisters to one another. There are some students I may not hang out with, but in my three years at Stevenson, I have still gotten to know even those people to some extent.</p>

<p> both schools are good :3</p>

<p>One of my friends went to Stevenson--it is K-12 right? And Cate is 9-12. I came into a k-9 school in middle school and I personally think it can be hard to adjust when everyone else already has been there all along. Not for everyone, but it is something to think about, and that is one of the questions I would ask admissions (or students on a visit). BUT I do have a friend who went to Stevenson and loved it, she went in as a freshman. Cate is just, well, Cate--amazing, round square school, so many opportunities but too far from home and maybe on the small side for what I'm looking for. Noah900 put it out there for Stevenson, it sounds pretty great.</p>