Still Awaiting Film Decision?

Has anyone who interviewed in November still waiting for a decision?

Specifically, for filmmaking?

@NervousDad24@mcdaytx posted this in another thread – sounds like “next Monday” notifications go out.

I know of a girl who is still waiting on a decision for film and she interviewed November 17th, I believe that is the date. Decisions should go out tomorrow, fingers crossed. I interviewed February 16th.

Is this on good authority that all decisions are going out tomorrow? I heard some people got “deferred decision” emails. I really don’t understand how they do things!?

I know two people who interviewed on Nov. 17th that are still waiting. However, they were deferred in mid-late December. Not sure if not hearing ANYTHING is good or bad…
I know someone said emails went out that all remaining decisions will be released tomorrow though…

My son interviewed 2/2 and has not heard anything yet. We are really hoping it will be tomorrow. The told us 2-3 weeks at the Q&A, and it was 5 weeks yesterday. So stressful!

Do you know where it’s coming from that everybody will hear tomorrow? Was everyone emailed something to that effect?

@NervousDad24, in another thread, @mcdaytx daughter got the email last Thursday stating that decisions would go out tomorrow…

I wasn’t emailed anything though, so I am hoping that decisions will really go out tomorrow.

To the best of my knowledge, only one person got an email and it was in response to her asking them for an update.

@NervousDad24 and @FutureActress7 - my daughter emailed Admissions last week asking when decisions would go out. She got a reply back stating Monday (today). We’re anxiously awaiting!

Has anyone heard anything yet?

I got an email just now with my status update/acceptance letter! Hopefully others will get theirs soon too

My daughter got in!

Omg congrats to both of you!!!? I am so happy for you guys! @aidenpng @mcdaytx

Congratulations @mcdaytx and @aidenpng!

@mcdaytx Congrats to your daughter! Tell her she is free to join the UNCSA 2023 Facebook group!

Congratulations to @mcdaytx 's daughter and @aidenpng! My daughter joined the student facebook group and is excited to meet all the other new gerkins!

what’s going on stuat little hater here has anyone from the 2/16 interview heard anything back yet