Stink Bugs

<p>Is there anyone else here who can't sleep cause of them? I kill like 10 a day and more come from nowhere. I just looked at my light and theres 7 of them there and 3 are flying in circles around the light chasing the other ones. They make so much noise. And one was on my face and woke me up at night. And one was in my bed under the blanket and i squished it and now my favrite blanket and sheets smell like stink bug and it wont go away.</p>

<p>Maybe they’re taking revenge on you for killing their kin.</p>

<p>Well i always wonder if they can smell the other ones. That what bees do. Like if you kill one bee then the others know and they attack.
Someone said stink bugs can bite but they never bited me yet. I just dont know ether what they are eating cause theres nothing in here for them to eat like leaves but they still have energy.</p>

<p>Seems like stink bugs would be easier to smell than bees.</p>

<p>BillyMc don’t you have stink bugs where you are?
Here’s what they do. They only smell if you touch them or they get scared. So they dont stink until you squish them. If you sneak up on them and flick them in the head they like die before they start to smell but still my room smells like them and its gross. Its like worse then stinky feet smell.</p>

<p>Have you made this thread before? I’m having deja vu haha</p>

<p>thank god i live in california</p>

<p>i might have made this thread before but its like a national problem cause they are annoying but they eat fruits and ruin farmers crops. And they are in like 33 states but were only in like 8 a cuple years ago so if they arent in Cali yet they will be soon.</p>