Stock market gurus do not know where the stock market is going...

<p>And then there was Bill Miller.</p>

<p>How about Hetty Green? "The Witch of the Wall Street". Mother of the great stamp collector Ned Green.... :)</p>

<p>These must have been before the late 1990s (before my time).</p>

<p>The big problem most of these guys have is that they have the "don't bet against America" mantra believing that better times are just ahead.</p>

<p>there's, Public Broadcasting's, Louis Rukeyser and his band of Jokers. Presenting stellar mutual funds of $1mill in assets. :)</p>


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<p>I've been long on America for so long that the EE's pre 1990 actually made more money than the Mutual Funds that I held in the UGMA. (true). </p>

<p>I've been long on America for so long that I am the fifth down cycle of Mutual Funds. </p>

<p>I've been long on America for so long that I actually saw Louis Ruykeyser's first show, and in Maryland - Mutual Funds feature. Got a booklet from him on investing in mutual funds.</p>

<p>It is easy to point fingers, but I certainly cannot predict what is going to happen with the stock market. Then again my TIAA-CREF "managed" portfolio lost twice as much this year compared to my self directed portfolio. My guts tell me it is time to buy, but everytime I do someone mentions Greece and I lose money.</p>

<p>What ever happened to Stan Weinstein?</p>

<p>I do miss Louis R's witty puns. Jim Cramer is entertaining as well, in a manic kind of way.</p>

<p>My buy and hold mentality seems to be outdated these days. The institutional manipulation is depressing, and every other day Europe gets blamed for the volatility.</p>

<p>I will still try to invest here and there, but basically I am out of the game. I now get to watch whatever cash I have dwindle from inflation in the coming years.</p>

<p>don't worry about inflation. If all the QE's and lending that the Fed's have done to mitigate the credit collapse, hasn't sparked inflation- it won't happen...much. </p>

<p>Your greatest fear should be the revaluation of China's currency-It is also China's greatest fear. For some its too slow, for others it will be too fast. Be careful who you select for your Member of Congress, President.</p>

don't worry about inflation.


<p>Isn't this one of the strategies for paying off sovereign debt, especially if you don't want to do a Greece? If the EU countries get their act together, maybe there won't be inflation because of debt, but since that mindset hasn't washed ashore here, isn't inflation a guaranteed outcome in the decades to come?</p>

<p>Take a look at Japan, we are following their path...inflation will not be a concern, interest rates will be extremely low for investors and home buyers for years...i remember giving POA to a relative in the 80's to refi from 15% to 11%, since then i've chased rates down 9%, then 7 1/2%, then 5 3/8 now i got an arm for 2.8... Always thought fixed was best, not true anymore, though with my luck in 5 years it will be higher. :)</p>

<p>No inflation? Just wondering what a new car will cost 20 years from now....</p>

<p>Who cares about cars, I'd worry more about food, heating oil, state and local taxes, healthcare.</p>

<p>yes, yes, yes, and yes.</p>

<p>So where do we keep our hard earned cash? I am not paying an investment firm to lose money for me...I can do that myself!</p>

<p>^^ that's the other thing. In addition to what you mention, we need to plan for expenses we don't even think about now - assisted living, non-acute care, etc.</p>

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<p>I wouldn't doubt that some of them are already here.</p>

<p>Interesting chart....</p>

<p>Chart:</a> Who is the worst market timer, Roubini or Rosenberg? | Brazilian Bubble</p>