Stony Brook University Class of 2025 Discussion Thread

I was told to send the letter to After I sent it, I received a response that it was added to my file :).

Ah ok, the same thing happened for me. thx :slight_smile:

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Hi, how long did it take for you to get a response?

Hi, I sent it in the morning maybe around 9/10 am and got the response at 1 pm. :slight_smile:


Has anyone gotten off the waitlist recently?

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Hi, I was accepted off the waitlist on Saturday.


Hi there do you mind explaining a little more what is a letter of interest? My son has also been waitlisted. Thank you!

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A letter of interest is basically a short letter, no more than one page, explaining your interest in the school while also updating the admissions committee of anything the applicant has done since submitting the application. Ultimately, the point of the letter is to demonstrate that if given the opportunity, you would attend the school.

To go more into detail here’s how I formatted mine:

First, I started by thanking the admissions committee for taking the time to review my application, and then I expressed why Stony Brook is my top choice.

My next paragraph talked about what I’ve been up to since I first submit my application. This could pretty much include anything related to school. For me, I am involved in medical research in oncology since January, so I wrote about my accomplishments in that program but I kept it short. I also wrote about new accelerated classes that I’m taking this semester.

In the last paragraph, I said something along the lines of “I am interested in reaffirming my interest in attending Stony Brook University for the Class of 2025. If needed, I can be contacted at (include your contact info)” and finished it off with another thank you to the admissions committee.

Sorry that this post is so long, haha. Just to point out that I did this entirely on my own, and had no guidance from any college advisors, so I’m not sure how effective this letter will be. Hope this helped! Good luck to your son!


Hi, congrats on your acceptance! Did the email say you had a specific amount of time to accept?

Thank you very much for your explanation and all the details! We will be sure to look into sending one. Thank you again!

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Also congratulations and you did excellent without the help of counselors, etc😉

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Thank you! Best of luck to your son, once again!

Thank you! Yes when I received the email it said that I have until May 20th to send in my deposit of commitment :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much, and congrats again! You’re gonna do great!

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Thank you! Best of luck, hope you get in !!!

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Hi guys, has anyone heard back from the CS waitlist recently?

Hey I just joined this thread, I sent an email as a letter of interest yesterday, on Sunday. How long does it usually take for them to respond?

They’ll email you back soon letting you know that it’s been added to your file. As for hearing back from the waitlist, I have no idea. I’ve been waiting since April 1st.


Thank you. Yes I got their reply that they added it to my file. That’s terrible that you’ve been waiting so long. Stony is my top choice so I would be really disappointed if nothing ends up happening with the waitlist. Good luck to you!

Btw I’ve also been wondering how they choose from the waitlist and if they bump up people on the list. The suspense is really killing me.

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Stony is my top choice as well, so I feel you haha. They don’t rank waitlists so honestly, I’m not sure how they choose applicants to accept.

I feel like this whole process was really weird. I know people from my school who have been accepted off the waitlist with lower stats, so it’s obviously not solely based on GPA either. I’ve noticed something very odd though. From 2019 to 2020, the number of waitlisted applicants nearly quadrupled, with no substantial increase in total applicants I might add (from what I’ve heard), so I think admissions ran out of time to review everyone’s applications in time due to the pandemic, working remote, etc just like last year. They probably had to waitlist a lot more applicants to have more time to decide which is why this process is taking so long.

In the end, everything happens for a reason lol, but I’ve been waiting for a concrete decision since December so I’m practically hopeless at this point. Hopefully, everything works out in your favor! Best of luck to you as well :).