Stony Brook University Class of 2025 Discussion Thread

Hi guys, do you think it’s too late to send a LOCI?

I sent a letter of interest 3 days ago and they said they added it to my file. I definitely think you should send them one… it’s not too late.

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Anyone else hear back with decisions?

I didn’t hear anything yet but I know someone who has in the last couple of days.

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Anyone receive any decisions? My backup college has a deposit deadline on June 17th and I wanted to wait a little longer before I pay the deposit bc of the slightest chance that something might happen with Stony. Stony says they will let everyone know by June, but I have a feeling it will be late in June :frowning:


Anyone hear back?

I just got a “I regret that we will not be able to offer you a space in our Fall class.” Oh well :sob: Good luck to everyone else.

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Hey everyone, unfortunately my son also received the same email last night advising him they could not offer him a spot. Good luck to everyone else and best wishes on your future college careers.

Did you convert your grades to a 4.0 scale when you applied to any of the US schools? If so, can you please throw light on how did you go about it (like did you use any credential evaluators etc.,)? Also, since 12th board exams would have not have happened, how did you go about getting the predicted score?