Stop the revivals

<p>STOP reviving old essay threads! </p>

<p>To all the new CC'ers who clearly disregard the original postage date: All you do is cause a lot of people to see the newly updated OLD threads, reply to them, thus leading to clusters of old posts (most of which are just HS students looking to score a pre-written essay) while everyone else who is seeking real guidance doesn't even get aid.</p>

<p>I agree, this is rather frustrating for a new member</p>

<p>In two years, I will revive this thread. Hilarity will ensue.</p>

<p>Hah. Yes, and this goes to all categories as well, not just essays. It's so annoying to go to the "chance" threads and see like 20 overzealous over achievers rip a student to shreds when they asked for a chance A YEAR AGO.</p>