Strange Situation

<p>Okay, here is a theoretical situation for you guys. I don't know anyone who has encountered it, and haven't encountered it myself - I was just hypothesizing.</p>

<p>A girl applies to Milton, Andover, St. Paul's, and Blair. Gets into all of them with full FA, chooses Blair. Decides she hates it; reapplies to the other three schools AGAIN the next year.</p>

<p>How with Milton, Andover, and St. Paul's adcoms react? Will her admissions decisions be influenced by her past application? Thanks.</p>

<p>BTW - The girl was very polite and gracious in turning these schools away a year ago.</p>

<p>I'm not sure how the schools will react, but I don't think she will get good recommendation from her teachers.
And are you really just hypothesizing(then, why did you choose Milton, Andover, St.Paul, and Blair)?</p>

<p>I think he/she just picked some random schools.</p>

<p>I think 5SchoolApplicant is going to peddie anyways so it doesn't effect him/her.</p>

<p>Interesting question. What if someone is accepted to several schools, but does not attend any of them in favor of their public high school and reapplies to them the following year? Would the adcoms take into consideration the situation that did not allow that student to attend the previous year?</p>

<p>I'm a he, and yes, I simply selected 4 random, well-known schools. (And 2010hopeful is right, I'll be going to Peddie.)
I was simply curious!</p>

<p>My understanding is if you stay where you are and reapply the same schools next year, it is OK (I have seen it). But if you choose to go to a school and then reapply, you will be in a bad situation.</p>

<p>I agree. I think the applicant is unlikely to be successful the second time around.
If the finances were the main factor in the choice, and the student chose public school for 9th grade, that's different.</p>

<p>Okay, I was just wondering. Thanks guys!</p>

<p>As a practical matter, it would be difficult for this to happen within the admission cycle. She'd have to register for the SSAT again in the fall of her first year and take it and get her application in, with those recommendations. She would have to decide right away that she hates her chosen school...and that whatever it is that she dislikes about it is not something that will creep up again at another school. And, in addition to recommendations, the grades are likely to suffer from that kind of lack of investment. But one thing is very likely: the applicant who chooses such a path this is going to have one amazingly fabulously crappy year with one foot out the door practically from the moment orientation ends and no stake in trying to adapt or work things out or build lasting friendships.</p>

<p>Also - the big question that she will have to reconcile to the adcoms of Milton SPS and Andover is why would she choose a "third-tier" school over the top ones? Blair isnt even a safety for someone applying (and getting in)to top tier schools, so dont say "fit". Also, chances are, unless she is completely exceptional, they wont find $ for her next year. Its not like she got in, decided to stay in her current school and live at home for a year to mature a little bit more. Ok, this is getting more attention than it deserves</p>

<p>You would not be the first. I know a Deefield student that transferred to SPS. It is unusual but not impossible. Occasionally the chemistry just does not work at a particular school. Be prepared to answer lots of questions and be honest with yourself and the school you want to go to. They will listen, but they will want to make certain that you know what you want and why.</p>

<p>Deerfield strikes me as very simmilar to SPS, am I wrong, could you tell me some differences between the two schools ?</p>

<p>Both great schools. Just an example of people do on a rare occasion switch schools. It IS possible, does occur but it is unusual. Given that for most of these schools you are there for only 4 years, it is pretty disruptive to your experience to switch. FAR better to decide upfront on the school that is right for you. PM me if you want more.</p>

<p>Wow, tons of helpful comments. This is really great, now that I can predict these things.</p>

<p>And I will reiterate: Don't worry, I'm not considering transferring...</p>

<p>WOAH SWISSBRIT!!! You think Deerfield and SPS are similar? Haha I got very different impressions of the two schools than you, it seems. </p>

<p>In short, both are amazing academic institutions. However IMHO they are very different. One way so is that SPS tends to give students more freedom (hence their motto "freedom with responsibility") and less guidance, while Deerfield provides it students with lots of structure, guidance, and community support. </p>

<p>Just the impressions I got when I visited...</p>